5 Reasons to Create a Membership Site

5 Reasons to Create a Membership Site

5 Reasons to Create a Membership Site

Membership sites are only one of a growing number of ways to generate revenue online. Since no one has an unlimited amount of resources to undertake an infinite amount of online projects there will necessarily be an opportunity cost to creating a membership site. At the same time, the benefits of operating a membership site typically outweigh any of the opportunity costs associated with it.

1. Versatile

One of the primary reasons a paid membership site should be and strong consideration for anyone operating online business is because they are extremely versatile. Not only can they be a stand-alone method of generating revenue but they can also complement your current online business model. In fact, many people have had great success operating membership sites which offer free membership because they treat the site like and entry point to their sales funnel. The sheer versatility of a membership site makes it an online strategy worth utilizing.

2. Active List Building

One of the biggest problems many online marketers has is building a list of buyers. A membership site is exactly that. Not only do you have unlimited access to communicate with your members but everyone who has joined a paid membership tier is necessarily a proven buyer. As a result, you can use your membership site in order to cross promote other products along with further segmenting your list.

3. Cross Selling is Easier

Another significant benefit of creating a paid membership site is it makes cross-selling other products much simpler than relying on a standard website, blog, or mailing list. This is because you can integrate your cross-selling into any lessons, tutorials, or information you are providing your members. By promoting additional products within your content rather than as a standalone promotion you inherently demonstrate the value of the additional products.

4. “Free” Target Market Research

And overlooked benefit of creating a WordPress membership site is it provides free target market research. While the membership site itself isn’t free because there are operating costs associated with it, the target market research is simply an added bonus that you gain. This is especially true if you are operating a profitable membership site. By interacting with your members you can further segmenting your target market and track their actions and interests to further specify the best ways to interact and promote products to them.

5. Creates Community around Your Brand

The final reason to create a membership site is it provides the simplest method of building a community around your brand. Even if your membership site is not a primary piece of your marketing puzzle it offers an exclusive way to promote your brand and build a more dedicated following.

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