5 Reasons to Use a Membership Site Plugin

5 Reasons to Use a Membership Site Plugin

5 Reasons You Need to Use a Membership Site Plugin to Create a Membership Site

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms being used to setup membership sites. The big question everyone needs to answer before setting up their membership site is what type of 3rd party solution they want to use. While the specific membership management solution is an important decision, there is a more important choice which must be considered before looking at specific options. Should membership site creators opt for 3rd party solutions which rely on WordPress plugins or should they target stand-alone 3rd party software solutions.

1. Membership Plugins Leverage the WordPress Core Architecture

The first reason to choose a membership site solution which functions via a WordPress plugin is system resources. Membership plugins are designed to utilize core WordPress architecture whenever possible. This can significantly reduce the system resource requirements because it prevents the need for identical dual processes from being run. Additionally, leveraging the WordPress core architecture allows plugins to remain lightweight while providing maximum functionality and flexibility.

2. Everything can be Managed from the WordPress Admin Area

Another benefit of use a membership site plugin instead of a stand-alone 3rd party solution in conjunction with the WordPress platform is ease of management. All WordPress plugins can be accessed via the WordPress admin area. This makes it easy to update plugins, themes, and even the WordPress core with a few clicks. With a stand-alone solution WordPress and additional plugins will need to be updated separately from the membership management solution. This holds true for member management as well. It is must easier and faster to manage members from within the WordPress dashboard because everything is in one place.

3. Less Likely to Conflict with Other WordPress Plugins

One of the biggest problems with standalone 3rd party membership solutions is the likelihood of compatibility issues greatly increases. WordPress plugin designers have the ability to focus solely on the WordPress architecture which means they are designing a membership management solution specifically for a single platform. On the other hand, stand-alone membership software solutions are designed to operate on a variety of platforms. While this is beneficial in theory it greatly increases the risk of major incompatibility issues as new version of WordPress are released.

4. Plugin Developers Are Active Within the WordPress Community

A majority of WordPress plugin developers remain active within the WordPress community and membership site plugin developers are no exception. This means they know exactly what changes are being considered for WordPress and can modify their plugins as needed to reduce the chance of compatibility issues. It also allows them extra time to leverage newly included WordPress capabilities to expand their set of features and boost functionality.

5. Spend Less Time Managing the Solution and More Time on Your Membership Site

The final reason to choose a membership site plugin is time. Time is a valuable resource especially as membership sites grow. By relying on a plugin purpose-built for the WordPress platform, the time required for general website management and maintenance is significantly reduced.

There is no doubt that anyone using WordPress to operate their membership site should focus on 3rd party solutions which feature a purpose-built WordPress plugin.

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