aMember Pro vs Digital Access Pass / DAP

aMember Pro vs Digital Access Pass / DAP

aMember Pro vs Digital Access Pass (aka DAP)

aMember Pro and Digital Access Pass are both quality WordPress membership plugins / membership software which continue to make a name for themselves across the premium plugin marketplace. Both of these plugins share similar characteristics which make them relatively unique and easy to compare against other competitors.

They Both Have the Same Primary Drawback

In an age where ease-of-use reigns supreme both aMember Pro and Digital Access Pass are considered to be fairly difficult to use in comparison. This isn’t too surprising considering the massive amount of features the plugin’s include however their back-end complexity creates a significant learning curve. To make matter worse, even once someone is comfortable with how to setup and operate the plugins the average amount of time it takes to setup a new product or membership level will still be greater than most other membership site plugins developed for the WordPress platform. The real question is whether the additional time and effort needed to get everything setup and managed efficiently worth the additional features either of these plugins can provide.


The next variable to consider is price both in the short-term and long-term. The initial purchase price of aMember Pro is $179.95. This is a lifetime license for one membership site which includes 6 months of upgrades. Additional upgrade packages will need to be purchased after the 6 month period is up which normally costs $80.

Digital Access Pass offers multiple licensing options ranging from $167 to $497. The licenses available range from usage on one website to unlimited websites and free updates are available for one year post-purchase. DAP also offers an ongoing monthly payment option at $39.99. Not only does it include unlimited usage but also unlimited updates and unlimited access to every plugin created by (including future releases).

“Best Feature” Comparison

Both plugin list nearly every feature a membership site owner would want so the real separator is what the highlight feature or functionality of each plugin is. The best feature of aMember Pro is the maximum flexibility provided by 3rd party integration. It is built to play nice with nearly every other WordPress plugin. Plus, you get complete access to the source code (excluding the primary source file) to make additional adjustments as you see fit.

It is difficult to decide what the best features of DAP is because two really stand out. The first is drip feeding content capabilities. While most membership plugins have this feature DAP definitely stands out for the maximum protection flexibility it provides. This capability feeds into the other stand out feature which is the ability to broadcast or drip feed emails to members without needing to integrate a 3rd party mailing host.


In the end, both of these plugins offer a solid solution in terms of the amount options and capabilities you will have. At the same time they both have drawbacks which need to be considered. For anyone searching for a premium membership plugin to be used on multiple sites Digital Access Pass quickly becomes the best value in terms of cost. For a single site it will come down to which option meets your specific needs the best.

aMember Pro Membership Software
Single License: $179,95
Upgrade Fee after 6 months: $80

aMember Pro Review


Digital Access Pass
Single License: $167
Developer License:$297

Digital Access Pass Review


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  1. I haven’t used Digital Access Pass yet. I have been using aMember pro more than 2 years on my websites. aMember is a rock solid membership software. You have to invest $179 bucks to get amember single license.

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