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Kajabi Membership Site Solution Review

Kajabi Review

Who Should Use the Kajabi Membership Site Solution?

The Kajabi membership site solution is compatible with a variety of different website platforms. It is most often associated with launching information products, particularly membership and continuity sites. It also allows website owners to create squeeze pages, sales pages, and develop a membership area which is similar to a forum. While it does offer a variety of beneficial features it isn’t for everyone.

Kajabi Membership Site Solution Pricing

Compared to other membership site solutions, Kajabi can become more expensive over time because it requires a monthly fee rather than a one-time purchase. The Starter package is $99 a month. It allows for three projects with a total of 1000 members. It allows for social media integration and video encoding, however it does not include the content delivery network offered in other tiers. The second option is the Pro package which is $199 a month. It allows for 20 total projects with 5000 members. This is the first here in which the content delivery network is also available. The final option is the Ultra package which is $299 per month. That allows for unlimited projects, however it does have a limit of 12,500 members.

Benefits of the Kajabi Membership Site Solution

There are a few key benefits that this platform offers which makes it ideal for a variety of website owners and information product developers.

One-Minute Marketing Pages

The first benefit is the one minute marketing pages. This is one of the key benefits that makes the Kajabi solution extremely popular. This is particularly true for people who don’t want to spend a lot of time building and developing their own marketing pages. This platform makes it easy to create sales pages, squeeze pages, video and download pages, and even a full-blown product launch sequence. This makes it easy to quickly launch a product once it is been developed.

One-Stop Solution

Another highlight of the Kajabi membership site solution is the ability for everything to exist in a single platform. Instead of piecing together multiple plugins, which is often necessary on WordPress websites, everything is included. It allows for owners to drip feed content, allow user comments inside of the content, and enable community discussion forums. This can increase the perceived value of any membership site, continuity program, or information product. Plus, all of this is integrated in a seamless design which leads to great-looking websites.

Why Isn’t Kajabi the Best Membership Site Solution for Everyone?

There are a few key drawbacks which limits the appeal of this platform for some people. The first is the fact that is hosted on the Kajabi website. Off-site hosting is an immediate turnoff for some people because they prefer to have everything on their own website. Some people prefer not to spend their time and money on digital real estate which they do not have complete control over. This is particularly true considering Kajabi requires a monthly fee.
Kajabi can also be problematic for people new to promoting products online because it is one of the more expensive solutions. Plus, if someone does not do email marketing then this limits the appeal of this platform.
Overall, the Kajabi membership site solution is an excellent platform for people you are dealing with lots of sales in regards to a specific product or membership site. It is also great for people who excel at developing products but lack the skills or desire to spend a lot of time and resources developing a sales funnel or launch sequence.

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