Kajabi vs MemberMouse

Kajabi vs MemberMouse Membership Platform

Kajabi vs MemberMouse

Kajabi and MemberMouse have both left their mark on the membership site solution market in different ways. While they are both fundamentally designed to make it easier to manage a membership site, they go about it in completely different ways. This can make comparing the two options difficult as the final verdict has as much to do with personal preference as anything else.

Self-Hosting vs Hosted Solution

The immediate difference between Kajabi and MemberMouse is how the solution is hosted. Kajabi is a hosted membership platform. This means you will never have to download or install anything. For some people this also means better security and network reliability if they are unhappy with their current website host. MemberMouse is like any other WordPress plugin insofar as it requires a self-hosted WordPress content management system to be utilized. There will always be a heated discussion as whether or not a self-hosted or hosted solution is better as both options offer unique benefits and drawbacks. Generally, people who want more control over their website’s environment will opt for self-hosting while those who want a more hands-free solution will prefer a hosted solution.


Another key variable to consider when choosing between Kajabi and MemberMouse is the underlying platform you prefer. Kajabi is not only a hosted solution but it is completely reliant on its own platform. The primary benefit is the platform was purpose-built solely for membership site management. MemberMouse is a WordPress plugin, so it requires the WordPress core platform to be used. WordPress has consistently proven to be a reliable and popular content management system which means it offers greater potential for flexibility and modification for your entire website – not just your member’s area.


Both of these membership site solutions utilize a monthly/recurring pricing model rather than a one-time payment model which makes comparing the overall costs fairly simple.

Kajabi offers 3 different primary payment levels. The primary difference between levels is the number of members you have and the number of projects (membership sites) you are managing. The Starter package allows for up to 3 projects and 1,000 members for $99/month. The Pro package allows for 20 projects, 5,000 members at $199/month. The final option is the Ultra package. It features unlimited projects and 12,500 members for $299/month.

The MemberMouse pricing structure is similar to Kajabi in that it is primarily reliant on the number of members you have; although once you jump up into the high-volume levels there are some additional benefits as well. The first series of pricing options includes the Starter, Builder, and Growth packages. The cost is anywhere from $19.95 to $59.95 per month for 1,000 to 10,000 members. The high volume options (Advanced, Premium, and Professional) are designed for membership sites with 10,001 to and unlimited number of members. The price ranges from $99 to $599 per month. These packages also include additional features such as priority support, lifetime value reporting, lime light CRM integration and phone support.


Fundamentally, Kajabi and MemberMouse are fundamentally polar opposites which ensure there will be differing opinions as to which solution is the best. At the same time they both offer an excellent example of what elite membership management solutions can be. They are both proven winners built on stable, secure frameworks with an emphasis on ease-of-use. The key to choosing between these two options lays solely in your personal website management preferences.

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