A2 Hosting Review

A2 Hosting Review

A2 Hosting Review


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InfusionSoft Sales and Marketing Automation System

An Overview of the InfusionSoft Sales and Marketing Automation System

The InfusionSoft sales and marketing automation system is a popular solution designed to provide an all-in-one solution for small businesses. It is said to have a customer base that is nearly 10 times the size of its closest competitor with more than 25,000 customers in 100 countries. InfusionSoft breaks down its service into four basic parts: Get Organized, Automate Marketing, Close Sales, and Sell Online.

InfusionSoft Pricing

InfusionSoft offers four different pricing tiers based upon the services a small business needs. The introductory package is referred to as the Essential package which is $199 per month. It includes contact management and marketing automation capabilities for up to three users. It covers 2500 contacts and allows for 12,500 emails to be sent each month. The next option is the Deluxe Sales package for $299 per month. It includes contact management, marketing automation, and sales automation. It allows for up to four users and tracks 5000 contacts while offering 25,000 emails per month.
A similar solution is the Deluxe E-Commerce package. It is also $299 per month but instead of offering sales automation services it includes e-commerce services. It has the same limits on contacts, emails, and users. The final solution is the Complete package. For $379 per month it includes contact management, marketing automation, sales automation, and e-commerce. It allows for up to five users and tracks 10,000 contacts while offering 50,000 emails per month.

Contact Management

The contact management features are designed so small business owners can see everything about their contacts at a glance. This includes primary contact information, marketing and sales history, orders and account balances, and appointment history. It also allows for advanced list management and segmentation to allow small businesses to send targeted communications designed to convert. Based on collected information the InfusionSoft sales and marketing automation system it is easy to track leads and manage contacts based upon how “hot” the lead is.

Marketing Automation

The InfusionSoft sales and marketing automation system offers a variety of different ways to automate marketing campaigns. It even includes proven templates to make new campaigns easy to set up and get started. It allows you to send emails, direct mail, and even voice broadcasts automatically. This can be based on the date, time, or the behavior of the contact. Many small businesses find the visual campaign builder and easy way to control the marketing automation features. Some of the key components of the marketing automation capabilities include email marketing, landing page creation, web form design, web activity monitoring, multimedia marketing, and the ability to create and understand marketing reports.

Sales Automation

The InfusionSoft sales and marketing automation system is designed primarily to generate sales and close leaves. One way it does this is by scoring leads and distribution to identify hot leads faster and boost productivity. It also makes it easy to create custom quotes and accept orders with a click of a button. It also allow small businesses to simplify the sales cycle by managing the sales funnel to both individuals and accounts. It can even link multiple contacts together into a single group.


The final segment of the InfusionSoft sales and marketing automation system is the e-commerce or storefront features. It is designed to let a website do all of the work relying on a professional storefront and shopping cart. InfusionSoft offers a variety of powerful tools used to customize templates and sell products, services, and subscriptions online. These tools include promotional tools, payment processing, post purchase follow-up automation, and referral program management.

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