MemberMouse Membership Site Plugin Review

MemberMouse Review

MemberMouse Review – What Makes It Unique?

Compared to some of the WordPress membership site plug-in stalwarts, MemberMouse could be considered a newcomer. While it has been around long enough to be considered an established solution, it doesn’t have the history of other popular solutions. This doesn’t mean it isn’t an excellent option as it offers a unique take on membership plug-in design. While the essential features are all available, the overall look and feel is considerably different than many of the other popular solutions. MemberMouse groups all of its features into four essential categories.

Customer Management

The first category of features is customer management and goes far beyond registering new members and accepting orders. The use of SmartTags offers an easy and unique way to feature upsells, downsells, and more. SmartTags are MemberMouse’s version of short codes. A unique ability is to target offers based on the referring affiliate. This is particularly helpful if you have a handful of high level affiliates as it allows you to create and tailor special offers and special content. This adds an essential additional layer to how you market and customize the member’s area and sales process.

Protected Member’s Area

The second group of features falls under the umbrella of the Protected Member’s Area. MemberMouse not only offers a full range of features to customize and enhance your member’s area, but makes it easy to deliver premium content in a secure manner. A unique ability is to auto lock shared accounts. The member’s area also allows for you to gather unique engagement statistics to see what exactly your members want and how they spend most of their time on your website.

Support Automation

MemberMouse offers a range of features which will decrease the amount of time you spend offering support to your members. A unique combination of features make it easy for members to request refunds, cancel memberships, update critical information, and even effectively handle payment decline recovery. This leads to a reduction in the number of support requests you will receive. It also allows for you to set up a comprehensive self-support area so that members can quickly and easily get the answers themselves.

Reporting & Analytics

A growing number of WordPress membership site plug-ins are offering advanced reporting and analytics. MemberMouse goes a step further by emphasizing critical metrics beyond basic sales and retention. It offers unique analytics such as lifetime customer value, retention rates, refund rates, affiliate tracking, and even a member activity log. This is all provided in what MemberMouse describes as accounting level detail. An area of emphasis for this plug-in is to not only provide data but to provide it in a way which makes it actionable and more valuable to membership site owners.

Pay Attention to Pricing

If there is one key caveat to MemberMouse, it would be the pricing. The first thing which stands out is MemberMouse relies on a monthly pricing structure rather than a one-time payment or renewal structure. While this is an inherently problematic as the price grows with the number of members your membership site has, there is another issue to pay attention to. The amount of features you receive will also be limited at the lower-priced here. This means you could be paying for the ability to support a significantly larger number of members than you actually have solely to get access to key additional features you may need.

MemberMouse Review

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