Paid Memberships Pro Review

Paid Membership Pro Review

Paid Membership Pro Review

Paid Membership Pro is a unique WordPress membership website plugin in a variety of way – some good and
some not so good. This solution is designed specifically for the WordPress platform so there will rarely if ever
be any complications with the WordPress core. There are a handful of excellent WordPress membership site
plugins so choosing the right one is more difficult than ever. The key is to identify exactly what you need and
select the best solution for your situation.

An Overview and Pricing of the Paid Membership Pro Options

One characteristic to keep in mind when looking at the Paid Membership Pro plugin is there are 3 options to
choose from – Free, PMPro Core, and PMPro Plus. The free version of Paid Membership Pro includes only the
plugin and necessary documentation.

The second option is PMPro Core which carries a price of $47 which renews annually. Along with the plugin, it
also includes unlimited access to the member support forum and premium member content. The premium
member content section is a premium blog/tutorial section of the website. You can visit the premium area as
a non-member to see the titles of articles and get an idea of what to expect.
The final option is $147 which also renews annually. It includes all the items in the lower tiers along with
access to 45 Plus Add Ons, a license key for unlimited sites, and 1-Click Add On installation and updates. This
is the option most people will purchase because the Add Ons are what makes Paid Membership Pro a fully-
featured membership website plugin.

Tackling Add Ons First

When reviewing this plugin, it is essential to first look at the use of Add Ons because they are what make this
plugin unique. Paid Membership Pro does not have many of the built-in features that are considered
standard as part of the plugin core. Instead Add Ons allow you to add or ignore features as needed. This
provides the benefit of a lighter plugin core but can complicate the initial installation and setup process.
When looking at the plugin features it is essential to spend extra time looking at the Add Ons to determine if
it will fit your needs.

Highlights of Paid Membership Pro

Flexibility and 3 rd party integration capabilities are the two highlights of Paid Membership Pro. The Add On
system provides maximum flexibility by design. This characteristic makes Paid Membership Pro unique
among popular WordPress plugins on the market. Website owners use the lightweight plugin core in
combination with the Add Ons required to ensure the necessary functionality. The focus on Add Ons during
the plugin design also provides a substantial amount of 3 rd party integrations as many Add Ons are built
specifically for integration purposes.

Lowlights of Paid Membership Pro

The primary issue with Paid Membership Pro stems from the same source as the highlights – Add Ons. Aside
from a very basic form of content protection, Add Ons are necessary for a fully functioning membership
website. This makes setup much longer and potentially more complicated than other popular membership
plugins. Plus, while the number of Add Ons is large and continuously growing, website owners are limited
only to what Add Ons are available. This is particularly problematic for the lower two tiers (free and PMPro).


The pricing tiers are in line with the industry average and the free option makes it easy to test drive. Paid
Membership Pro is solid for simple membership sites, but the more complicated a website becomes the that
Add Ons will be necessary. As a result, it is essential to focus on the available Add Ons when deciding if this is
a good option for individual projects.

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Paid Membership Pro

3 thoughts on “Paid Membership Pro Review”

  1. Features of Paid membership pro seem promising, but I did not like the renewal payments. I want to use a membership plugins which is one-time payment. I don’t want to pay $147 every year.

  2. I gave it a shot Paid Membership Pro, after S2Member failure. They are the same garbage. Their support is too slow and sucks. I recommend you to purchase a membership plugin at least 5 years old or more. New plugins are usually full of bugs and less features & payment gateway integrations.

  3. Garbage support, garbage functionality – you name it, I’ve seen it. They want money to fix their bugs on the most basic usage of the plugin. Cancels memberships, allows potential members to view protected content when they haven’t paid, constantly cancels members subscriptions, somehow gives current subscribers unlimited viewing with no expiration, and I constantly have to monitor the plugin and modify according to paypal payments, etc. Stay away from this garbage,….I’ve read the question and answer threads – and their answers only cause more troubles, Don’t buy and well good luck with the freebie – buy lots of asprin!!

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