PopUp Domination Review

PopUp Domination Review

PopUp Domination Review

PopUp Domination 3.0 is one of the more popular premium pop-up plug-ins available for the WordPress platform. Over the past several years there has been an explosion in the number of available premium pop-up plug-in solutions which can be used to build an email list. This makes choosing the right one more difficult than ever. PopUp Domination has a number of notable benefits which make it easy to use but there are also several potential drawbacks to consider.

Benefits of PopUp Domination 3.0 Wordpress Popup Plugin

1. Easy to Get Started

One of the biggest benefits of PopUp Domination is how easy it is to set up. It features a number of customization options which are all very intuitive to setup as needed. As you get more comfortable with the plug-in there are additional options you can utilize to further target your list building efforts such as choosing exactly which pages and posts you want the plug-in to show up on.

2. Includes Key Backend Conversion Features

A number of pop-up plug-ins offer all of the necessary features to get started and build a list but they fall short and backend features which can be used to boost conversions over time. There are two specific features within PopUp Domination which can be directly leverage to increase conversions. The first is the ability to create A/B split tests. This allows you to test different content, templates, and styles. It also includes a fairly robust analytics feature which allows you to see what pages and pop-ups are yielding the best results over time. This will help you identify what your target audience really wants in which pages are most responsible for generating your list of buyers.

3. Solid Design Features Are Included

The final major benefit of PopUp Domination is it includes a number of professional, customizable designs which have proven to convert readers into list members. There are multiple theme designs to choose from, and 14 built-in color pallets, and customizable title text. You also have the ability to quickly add additional paragraphs, bullet points, and promotional images to the pop-up design.

Potential Drawbacks of PopUp Domination 3.0

1. The Price is on the High Side

If you are new to using pop-up plug-ins then you may want to look elsewhere for your first experience. This is because some people simply are comfortable using pop-up plug-ins on their website. This particular plug-in has three different price points ranging from $47-$197. The primary difference between the licenses is how many sites you can use the plug-in on. All of the additional features and functionalities are included at every price level. If you know that this is something you are interested in and have experience with this type of plug-in than the price is much easier to justify because you know that you will use it.

2. Knowing HTML is Essential but It Helps

Another potential drawback, if you have no knowledge of HTML, is that modifying the customizable pop-up templates can get a little tricky. While you can make basic modifications without any additional HTML knowledge understanding HTML will go a long way in helping you maximize your results from this plug-in.


PopUp Domination 3.0 is a very strong pop-up plug-in for the WordPress platform. While its price may push some people to look elsewhere it includes all of the necessary features and functionality necessary to create a targeted list building campaign on any website. The built-in analytics are an excellent additional feature that many other plug-ins fall short on.

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