Woocommerce Membership Review

woocommerce memberships

Woocommerce Membership Review

It is difficult to do a Woocommerce membership review without first talking about the Woocommerce core.
The membership plug-in ties directly into the core plug-in. When deciding if the Woocommerce is right for
you, it is important to first look at the core plug-in and then the membership plug-in to determine overall
compatibility, effectiveness, and cost.

The Real Cost of a Woocommerce Membership Website

when setting up a membership site centered around Woocommerce, there are several expenses to consider.
The core plug-in is free. The Woocommerce memberships plug-in is $149 per year. Depending on your
payment gateway, product add-ons, product imports week, and pricing structure, it could cost between $500
and $800. When comparing your membership website options, it is important to outline the features you
want and are willing to pay for through additional Woocommerce plug-ins. This will provide an accurate cost
for setting up the website you want.

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Magic Members Free Trial Version

Magic Members Free Trial Version

Magic Members announced officially that they released a 7-Day Free Trial version of the Membership Plugin.

MagicMembers is one of the best WordPress Membership plugins on the market. It's been more than 7 years since they started the Magic Members software.

Here's the announcement:

We have great news for you..

Our team developed a trial version of Magic Members WordPress Membership plugin. You can download and use it for 7 days for free.

All you need is to visit the following page and fill in the form. It takes only a few seconds.

Download Trial Version of Magic Members Now

Please do not forget, your purchase email address will be your activation key. The trial version is fully functional, after 7 days, if you decide to purchase a license, you won’t lose any data.

WooCommerce Affiliate Plugins

WooCommerce Affiliate Plugins

WooCommerce Affiliate Plugins

There're some Woocommerce affiliate plugins on the market, we reviewed the 4 plugins which are Magic Affiliate, WP Affiliate, Affiliate Royale & WPaffiliate. As you know WooCommerce is the most used WP e-commerce plugin in the WordPress Market, it's active more than 1 million websites at the moment.


PluginsMagic AffiliateWP Affiliate PlatformAffiliate WPAffiliate Royale
Detailed ReviewMagic Affiliate ReviewWP Affiliate Platform ReviewWP AffiliateAffiliate Royale
PricingSingle $89 (One-Time)Single $49,95 (One-Time)Single $99 (One-Time)Single $85 (One-Time)
PricingUnlimited $189 (One-Time)UnavailableUnlimited $199 (One-Time)$165 (One-Time)
Renewal Price$37 for all license types$49,95 for all license types$60, $120 or $264
Overall Score
Works With Any Themes YesYesYes
Ease of use
Plugin IntegrationsMagic AffiliateWP Affiliate PlatformAffiliate WPAffiliate Royale
WP e-CommerceYesYesYesNo
Magic MembersYesNoNoNo
Member PressNoNoNoYes
Help DeskYes 5-DaysYes 5-DaysYes 5-Days
Autoresponder IntegrationsAWeber, GetResponse, iContact, Constant Contact and MailChimpAWeber, GetResponse, iContact and MailChimpNoneNone
Overall Score958761
Detailed ReviewMagic Affiliate ReviewWP Affiliate Platform ReviewAffiliateWP ReviewAffiliateWP Review

Magic Affiliate plugin review: it has become one of the elite affiliate management tools available for WordPress users. It is an excellent tool for any type of e-commerce platform due to its competitive pricing, laundry-list of features, flexibility, support, and stability. It continues to improve with each version update and is easily integrated with the most popular WordPress e-commerce solutions.

Magic Affiliate Review


The WordPress Affiliate Platform is an easy to use WordPress plugin for affiliate recruitment, management and tracking that can be used on any WordPress blog or site. This plugin lets you run your own affiliate campaign/program and allows you to reward (pay commission) your affiliates for referring sales.


If you’re not familiar with Affiliate Royale, it’s a powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to roll out your own affiliate program. It integrates seamlessly with MemberPress and has integrations with several other payment systems. It will allow you to easily track your affiliates to see how they’re doing. You’ll see how many clicks they’re driving, sales they’re making and how much to pay them at the end of each month.

Magic Affiliate Plugin Review

Magic Affiliate WooCommerce Plugin

Magic Affiliate Plugin Review

Magic Affiliate plugin review: it has become one of the elite affiliate management tools available for WordPress users. It is an excellent tool for any type of e-commerce platform due to its competitive pricing, laundry-list of features, flexibility, support, and stability. It continues to improve with each version update and is easily integrated with the most popular WordPress e-commerce solutions.


When taking a big picture look at the Magic Affiliate plugin several important characteristics stand out. First, it has consistently proven to be a stable solution over its long history. This means there is little chance of compatibility issues as new versions of WordPress are released. The developers also pay close attention to version releases of 3rd party e-commerce plugins the Magic Affiliate plugin integrates with to ensure it is always in working order. Second, the Magic Affiliate plugin continues to expand its compatibility to include more e-commerce plugins and auto responders. This ensures it is not only competitive across the premium affiliate management plugin landscape.

Key Premium Features

There is a growing list of features which are becoming standard among all affiliate plugins. This list highlights additional premium features which are not yet considered standard.

Unlimited Affiliates

One of the most important features is the ability to track and manage an unlimited number of affiliates. While this may not sound incredibly important to some because they will constantly have a few dozen or hundred affiliates it is actually incredibly important. With no limit on the number of affiliates, e-commerce store owners do not need to remove affiliates due in inactivity which boosts the odds of long-term affiliate retention.

Auto Responder Integration

The Magic Affiliate plugin easily integrates with all of the most popular 3rd party auto responders. This is key because it allows owners to manage their affiliates via a dedicated list through their current auto responder service provider. The result is the ability to contact affiliates regularly, provide training assistance, and boosting brand awareness which helps convince affiliates to continue promoting the owners products.

Real-Time Reporting

Real-time reporting isn’t a feature every store owner will use, but it does guarantee that anytime data is accessed it will be the most up to date data available. This includes clicks, conversions, and more. Not only will this keep store owners apprised of affiliate activities but it will also make it easier to gather accurate data so banners, ads, and content can be tested across all affiliates to maximize long-term conversions.

Custom Affiliate Panel

The final unique premium feature available with the Magic Affiliate plugin is the custom affiliate panel. Every affiliate will log into their own unique members area. The members area can be customized by the store owner which will help engage affiliates, run promotion, and share educational information. All of this leads to longer affiliate retention and more effective affiliate recruitment.

Magic Affiliate Plugin Pricing

There are current three different pricing options for the Magic Affiliate plugin. The first is for a single-site license. It is an $79 one-time fee. It includes full access to customer service, training videos, detailed support guides, and 1 year of free updates. The second is a three-domain license. It carries a fee of $179. Along with all of the benefits of a single-site license, it also includes a 20% Magic Members coupon, 50% discount for Meridian Themes, and a set of 48 premium PSD banners. The final option is the Unlimited license. This license is $189 and includes all of the same additional features as the three domain license.

Download Magic Affiliate for free

Check the Website of Magic Affiliate WooCommerce Affiliate Plugin

Subscribe Gator WordPress PopUp Plugin Review

Subscribe Gator WordPress PopUp Plugin Review

An In-Depth Subscribe Gator WordPress PopUp Plugin Review

The Subscribe Gator premium WordPress popup plugin has grown in popularity since its recent release into the WordPress marketplace. As with many new plugins, it can be difficult to understand exactly what it offers and how it compares to similar premium alternatives which are already popular. To answer some of the most common questions people have about Subscribe Gator this is an in-depth look at exactly what it is and whether or not it will prove to be a quality premium popup ad plugin.

The Headline – Subscribe Gator Review

Every premium WordPress plugin has a single point of emphasis surrounded by all of the glitz, glam, and features. The point of emphasis for Subscribe Gator is that it allows users the ability to create a form in less than 60 seconds without writing a single line of code. In essence, the goal of Subscribe Gator is to offer both speed and efficiency. At the same time, it is apparent when delving into the set of features included in this popup ad plugin that speed and efficiency doesn’t mean a compromising flexibility to a diverse feature-set.

Key Features, Functionality, and Benefits – Subscribe Gator Review

1. Professional Popup Templates/Layouts

The first key feature of Subscribe Gator is the inclusion of professionally designed and tested popups. A key distinction between Subscribe Gator and many other premium popup plugins is that they popup templates have been tested to ensure they convert visitors into list members. It is small details like this that allows Subscribe Gator users to create and deploy effective ads quickly. At the same it, it is just as easy for more experienced users to create their own and upload them.

2. Analytics and Testing

It is immediately noticeable that there are other premium plugins that include a larger variety of metrics. At the same time, all of the metrics provided by Subscribe Gator can be quickly turned into actionable benchmarks. This makes it easy for new users to understand exactly how effective each ad is. Additionally, Subscribe Gator offers users an easy way to setup A/B split testing. The results are displayed in an easy to understand manner which allows users to quickly see which of their popups are most effective.

3. Category/Page Level Targeting

The websites which get the best results from their popup ads target each ad based upon the content on the page the visitor is viewing. Subscribe Gator has included this feature via category and page level targeting. The best part is the targeting can quickly be setup or modified during the initial popup ad creation process. This allows users to target specific types of visitors based upon which pages or categories they are viewing.

4. Timing/Exiting

There are several effective ways to utilize popup timing to boost conversions. One of the most common strategies is to delay the popup a few seconds. This allows the visitor to become engaged with the content before being shown an offer which would then interest them. The popup can actually be delayed until the visitor tries to leave the page. The exit-intent technology in Subscribe Gator allows this feature to be setup within a few seconds.

Competitive Pricing

Compared to other premium plugins, Subscribe Gator is competitively priced. The one website license is $49. The three website license is $89. The Unlimited website license is $169. All licenses include one year of free updates and support.

Check Subscribe Gator WordPress Popup Plugin Website