Subscribe Gator WordPress PopUp Plugin Review

Subscribe Gator WordPress PopUp Plugin Review

An In-Depth Subscribe Gator WordPress PopUp Plugin Review

The Subscribe Gator premium WordPress popup plugin has grown in popularity since its recent release into the WordPress marketplace. As with many new plugins, it can be difficult to understand exactly what it offers and how it compares to similar premium alternatives which are already popular. To answer some of the most common questions people have about Subscribe Gator this is an in-depth look at exactly what it is and whether or not it will prove to be a quality premium popup ad plugin.

The Headline – Subscribe Gator Review

Every premium WordPress plugin has a single point of emphasis surrounded by all of the glitz, glam, and features. The point of emphasis for Subscribe Gator is that it allows users the ability to create a form in less than 60 seconds without writing a single line of code. In essence, the goal of Subscribe Gator is to offer both speed and efficiency. At the same time, it is apparent when delving into the set of features included in this popup ad plugin that speed and efficiency doesn’t mean a compromising flexibility to a diverse feature-set.

Key Features, Functionality, and Benefits – Subscribe Gator Review

1. Professional Popup Templates/Layouts

The first key feature of Subscribe Gator is the inclusion of professionally designed and tested popups. A key distinction between Subscribe Gator and many other premium popup plugins is that they popup templates have been tested to ensure they convert visitors into list members. It is small details like this that allows Subscribe Gator users to create and deploy effective ads quickly. At the same it, it is just as easy for more experienced users to create their own and upload them.

2. Analytics and Testing

It is immediately noticeable that there are other premium plugins that include a larger variety of metrics. At the same time, all of the metrics provided by Subscribe Gator can be quickly turned into actionable benchmarks. This makes it easy for new users to understand exactly how effective each ad is. Additionally, Subscribe Gator offers users an easy way to setup A/B split testing. The results are displayed in an easy to understand manner which allows users to quickly see which of their popups are most effective.

3. Category/Page Level Targeting

The websites which get the best results from their popup ads target each ad based upon the content on the page the visitor is viewing. Subscribe Gator has included this feature via category and page level targeting. The best part is the targeting can quickly be setup or modified during the initial popup ad creation process. This allows users to target specific types of visitors based upon which pages or categories they are viewing.

4. Timing/Exiting

There are several effective ways to utilize popup timing to boost conversions. One of the most common strategies is to delay the popup a few seconds. This allows the visitor to become engaged with the content before being shown an offer which would then interest them. The popup can actually be delayed until the visitor tries to leave the page. The exit-intent technology in Subscribe Gator allows this feature to be setup within a few seconds.

Competitive Pricing

Compared to other premium plugins, Subscribe Gator is competitively priced. The one website license is $49. The three website license is $89. The Unlimited website license is $169. All licenses include one year of free updates and support.

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