Magic Members Review

Magic Members Review

Magic Members Review

Magic Members Review – Membership Site Basics

When comparing membership site management solutions it is easy to get caught up looking at all of the bells, whistles, and extra features the software can provide. Unfortunately, none of these added bonuses are of any use if the solution doesn't provide the basic abilities every membership site management solution should have. To be useful they must effectively protect content, make member management easy, and process payments correctly. The Magic Members plugin is a popular WordPress solution which not only provides all of the bells and whistles but does an excellent job meeting and exceeding the basic membership site management requirements.

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Magic Members and Content Protection

The first area of concern for membership sites is content protection. If your content is not adequately protected then everyone will be able to access it without paying to become a member. The Magic Members plugin addresses content protection in a variety of ways based upon the type of membership structure utilize. It does a good job of providing basic protection for membership only websites. These are the websites which do not provide any content for free but rather keep everything protected in the member’s area. Where the Magic Members plugin truly stands out is in the more complex membership site designs. For example, it makes it easy to maintain a significantly large free content section while still maintaining complete privacy for the member’s area. It also allows for pay per post access which allows you to sell access to a specific post or group of posts to free members.

Magic Members and Ease of Use

Since this plugin is built specifically for the WordPress platform is easily managed just like any other plugin. This is great news for WordPress users because you will not need to learn how to set up or install any other type of software. The user interface is designed so you can manage every aspect of your membership site from the traditional WordPress dashboard. While the solution is full of features which you can customize, you can also do a standard installation and need to make only a few minor changes in order to get your website up and running.

Magic Members and Payment Processors

Compared to most other popular solutions, Magic Members is ahead of the game. It offers a significantly larger number of natively supported payment processors that are easily set up and integrated with just a few clicks and your payment processor account information. Plus, you have the ability to use a single payment gateway or multiple payment gateways. Looking at the list of included payment processor modules it is safe to assume that if you are using a mainstream payment processor there is no doubt it is already included in the plug-in. The good news is even if you are using a region-centric payment processor there is a good chance that is already supported. Plus, new payment processors are added all the time.

In terms of meeting the membership site necessities, this plug-in definitely answers the call. It effectively protects all of the members only content while being extremely easy to set up and use with a variety of different payment processors.

Single: $97
3-Site: 197
Unlimited : $207

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Wishlist Member vs. Magic Members

Wishlist Member vs. Magic Members

Wishlist Member vs. Magic Members

The Magic Members and Wishlist Member have established themselves as some of the best WordPress membership plugins on the market. As a result, it is common for webmasters to find themselves considering both options when starting a membership site. Both have notable strengths and few weaknesses which makes choosing between the two a difficult task.

1. Features

The true strength of Wishlist Member is the number of 3rd party applications which are specifically designed to be integrated with the plugin. Unfortunately, this often leaves webmasters scrambling to find the right add-on plugin to make Wishlist Member exactly what they want. On the other hand, Magic Members excels because nearly every feature a membership site owner would want is built into the core of the plugin. This eliminates the potential for compatibility issues. Plus the few plugins most often combined with Magic Members to increase functionality are designed by the same developers to eliminate the threat of compatibility problems. Continue reading