Magic Members vs Wishlist Member

Membership plugins often boast of their great features, better functionality, and unlimited support. Among these are the Magic Members and Wishlist Member plugins. These premium WordPress plugins are especially designed to attract users to register or subscribe to the blogs, forums, and high quality content within the membership site.

So which WordPress Membership plugin is better?

  • Pricing. Wishlist Member plugin costs $197 for a single license and $297 for a multi-site license. Magic Members plugin costs $97 for a single license and $207 for an unlimited license.
  • Sequential Course Delivery System. Wishlist Member plugin has a Sequential Course Delivery System, but  Magic Members plugin has a seamless Drip Feed feature which is better.
  • AutoResponder Integrations – While  Wishlist Member is integrated with only AWeber, Magic Members is integrated with AWeber,MailChimp, iContact, Constant Contact, AutoResponse Plus andGetResponse auto responders..
  • Pay Per Post.
    Wishlist Member plugin does not have a pay per post option. Magic Members has a pay per post option which allows the user to pay one or several posts instead of a full membership fee. Because of that, you can still earn some money from readers who want to limit how much they spend. If they see that they have no other options other than paying for the whole deal, they will be turned off and walk away leaving you with no benefit from the situation.
  • Roles & Capabilities
    Magic Members with version 1.6 you have built-in Roles and Capabilities module. You won’t need to install other plugins and experience compatibility issues. You can create custom roles and attach them to any subscription pack you want. But Wishlist Member doesn’t have this feature.
  • Payment Gateways. Wishlist Member plugin and Magic Membersplugin both uses several payment gateways such as PayPal Standard, 1ShoppingCart and ClickBank. But if you’re using 1ShoppingCart, PayPal Pro, PayPal Standard, Paypal Express Checkout,, 2CheckOut, CCBill, Sage Pay, Money Bookers, Ideal, Epoch, WorldPay, AlertPay, Ogone, Zombaio, eWay, PagSeguro orManual Pay for quick and secured transaction processing, you can count on Magic Members to be integrated with these payment gateways. On the other hand, Wishlist Member plugin does not include or WorldPay as options for its payment gateways. As far as we know, Magic Members will be integrated with 1Shoppingcart and  InfusionSoft in the next release.
    With and PayPal Pro direct payment gateway integrations, Magic Members plugin lets you accept credit card payments on your website.
    Magic Members gives you the ability to use different payment gateways for different subscription packages. It truly is an easy and seamless way to accept payments for your membership site!
  • Unlimited Coupon Creation. Magic Members plugin has a fixed price or a percent discount for current and new subscription. Wishlist Member plugin doesn’t have this feature.

Final Desicion:


Both WordPress Membership plugins have very good content management system, membership privileges, and subscription perks. However Magic Members plugins is the winner. Magic Members has a really clean design that makes setting up a membership site incredibly easy.

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Magic Members Free Trial Version

Magic Members Free Trial Version

Magic Members announced officially that they released a 7-Day Free Trial version of the Membership Plugin.

MagicMembers is one of the best WordPress Membership plugins on the market. It's been more than 7 years since they started the Magic Members software.

Here's the announcement:

We have great news for you..

Our team developed a trial version of Magic Members WordPress Membership plugin. You can download and use it for 7 days for free.

All you need is to visit the following page and fill in the form. It takes only a few seconds.

Download Trial Version of Magic Members Now

Please do not forget, your purchase email address will be your activation key. The trial version is fully functional, after 7 days, if you decide to purchase a license, you won’t lose any data.

Magic Members PagSeguro Setup Guide

Magic Members PagSeguro Setup Guide

1. Login to Pagseguro account with login credentials
PagSeguro Magic Members Integration

2. After successfull login you can see the page

PagSeguro Magic Members Membership Plugin Integration

3. Here in the side bar you can find the Integrações tab ( Integrations) click here it will extract the submenu options. Below submenu options are required for our intigration
Página de redirecionamento (Redirect page)
Token de segurança (Security token)
Notificação de transações (Notification transaction)
4. Here click on the “Token de segurança (Security token) “ link and genarate the token, copy the token and go to our Magic Members->Payment Settings- > PagSeguro tab

PagSeguro Magic Members Integration

5. Magic Members –> Payment Settings –> PagSeguro tab you can find the PagSeguro API Token field and paste the above copied token here

PagSeguro Magic Members Integration

6. Click on the “Notificação de transações (Notification transaction) “ link , here you can find the two radio buttons Ativado (On) and Desativado (Off) so you can make it Ativado (On) .
7. Here we can find one more option Definir URL para receber as notificações (Set URL to receive notifications) field here you can place our Magic Members Pagseguro IPN/Notify URL and make it Ativar (activate).

PagSeguro Magic Members Integration

8. Click on the “Página de redirecionamento (Redirect page) “ link , Choose option A [ Página fixa de redirecionamento (Fixed Page Redirection)] here you can find the two radio buttons Ativado (On) and Desativado (Off) so you can make it Ativado (On) .
9. Here we can find one more option Definir página de redirecionamento (Set redirect page) field here you can place our Magic Members Pagseguro Redirect URL and make it Ativar (activate).

PagSeguro Magic Members Integration

10. In Magic Members admin panel -> Payment Settings- > PagSeguro tab , we can find “ PagSeguro Receiver Email “ Here we need to add the PagSeguro receiver email .
11. Also, we can find one more option “The Currency used for the payments” here you can set “BRL -Brazilian Real”. Currency and make it LIVE option save PagSeguro settings.
Figure : PagSeguro Settigs – Here we can find Redirect URL and IPN/Notify URL

PagSeguro Magic Members Integration

12. With the latest update, please also do the following settings in your Pageguro merchant account:
I. Integrations -> Redirect page-> Redirection with transaction code – Activate

Choose a name for the parameter as transaction_id

II. Integrations -> Automatic return data -> Activated.

Set URL to receive notifications:

WordPress Membership Plugin

Magic Members V.2.0 Membership Site Plugin

We have got news from Magic Members. They're about to release a new version of Magic Members WordPress membership site plugin. Here's the message from Magic Members:

We’re glad to announce you that version 2.0 is on the way.

3 of our developers are still working diligently to complete the new MGM version 2.0

What’s Magic Members V.2.0

We have developed and released more than 200 versions of Magic Members in the last 7 years since 2009. We’ve added tons of new features in this time frame. But now our developers re-coding the core of the Magic Members WordPress membership plugin. It’s going to be completely new, fast, light and more user friendly.

What’s the new features of Magic Members 2.0?

– Completely new and user friendly interface

– Faster and stable
The new version (2.0) of Magic Members will be %80 faster.

– Less Memory Usage
Version 2.0 of Magic Members is going to use less memory to make your website faster.

– Smaller file size
The new version of Magic Members membership site plugin will have smaller file size. It’s going to be %50 percent less than before.


It looks like that they worked a lot on this new version, we're looking forward to review it on our website.

You can check Magic Members Demo account at:


You can check Magic Members Review full post here.

Hosted Membership Site Management vs Membership Plugins

Are Hosted Membership Site Management Solutions Better than Membership Plugins?

One of the first question a website owner must answer before selecting their membership site platform is whether they want a hosted membership site solution or a membership plugin that will be used on their WordPress website. This can be a difficult comparison to make, especially with so many different solutions available for each option. To simplify the comparison, let’s take a look at a hosted solution (Kajabi / Member Mouse) and a membership plugin (Magic Members / Wishlist Member) that operate under a different pricing model. This will eliminate one of the more difficult points to compare. Both Kajabi and Member Mouse rely on a monthly pricing model. Membership plugins are generally one-time purchase.

Benefits of Hosted Solutions like Kajabi / Member Mouse

Nothing to Install and Learn

The first benefit of a hosted solution like Kajabi is that there is nothing to install and learn because everything is handled through Kajabi. This means a membership site developer can simply sign up and the basic framework will already be in place. When using a plugin, the plugin would need to be installed on the website developers own website and integrated into their existing WordPress framework. Plus, a hosted solution allows website owners to rely on the solutions IT network rather than managing it himself.

Only One Solution to Manage

A related benefit to hosted solutions is there is only one platform to manage. With Kajabi the sales funnel and membership area are all managed within the Kajabi platform. This is different than a membership plugin because the plugin is often used in combination with other plugins on the WordPress platform. This can simplify the initial integration and streamline the development process.

No Concern Regarding Security and Scalability

The final benefit of a hosted solution is minimal concerns regarding security and scalability. Since a solution like Kajabi is supporting thousands of other membership sites as well, they can spend more time ensuring maximum security for each member’s area while supporting their own large server network. This means unexpected traffic spikes will not affect website uptime.

Benefits of WordPress Membership Plugins like Magic Members

Flexibility via Other Plugins

The first benefit of using a WordPress plugin like Magic Members / Wishlist Member is maximum flexibility. If additional features are needed, another plugin can simply be installed to provide them. With a hosted solution the simply is an option because the only features available are the ones natively built into the membership site solution. This is a key benefit that cannot be overstated. The ability to add additional features and functionality as time goes on allows WordPress membership site owners to quickly change and meet the demands of their members rather than relying on a third party to do it for them.

Lower Switching Costs

Another benefit of using a WordPress membership plugin is minimal switching costs. If a user is unhappy with Kajabi they would need to find an entirely new solution and would not be able to export a majority of their website design, sales funnel, or membership information. On the other hand, if they are unhappy with their WordPress membership plugin they can simply uninstall it and install a new one without losing all of their key data, overall website design, and content already placed on the website. This provides greater long-term flexibility in terms of strategic management and member satisfaction.

Maximum Control

The greatest benefit of using a WordPress membership plugin like Magic Members rather than a hosted solution is overall control. By using a WordPress plugin, the website owner can control every aspect of their website. This is simply not an option with hosted solutions like Kajabi. Considering that member satisfaction and long-term strategic management is the key to continually increasing sales and revenue the ability to control every aspect of a website, both within the members area and will outside of it, should be valued above all else.