Woocommerce Membership Review

woocommerce memberships

Woocommerce Membership Review

It is difficult to do a Woocommerce membership review without first talking about the Woocommerce core.
The membership plug-in ties directly into the core plug-in. When deciding if the Woocommerce is right for
you, it is important to first look at the core plug-in and then the membership plug-in to determine overall
compatibility, effectiveness, and cost.

The Real Cost of a Woocommerce Membership Website

when setting up a membership site centered around Woocommerce, there are several expenses to consider.
The core plug-in is free. The Woocommerce memberships plug-in is $149 per year. Depending on your
payment gateway, product add-ons, product imports week, and pricing structure, it could cost between $500
and $800. When comparing your membership website options, it is important to outline the features you
want and are willing to pay for through additional Woocommerce plug-ins. This will provide an accurate cost
for setting up the website you want.

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5 Key Membership Site Plugin Tips

Ignore These 5 Key Membership Site Plugin Tips at Your Own Risk

One of the most common overlooked difficulties with starting a WordPress membership site is choosing the right membership site plug-in. At first glance, nearly all of the most popular plug-in solutions feature a similar feature set. This doesn’t mean they are all the same, it simply means comparing them can be more difficult. In order to make the best decision it is critical to focus on six key areas of emphasis.

Future Growth

The first thing to consider is future growth of both the plug-in and your membership site. One of the reasons most people turn to established membership site plug-ins is because they can assume, with relative safety, that the plug-in will be supported for years to come because they have a track record of success. While newer solutions can be ideal there is an inherent risk since they do not have a track record of providing excellent support or timely updates. In a similar vein it is also important to consider the future growth of the membership site. Some plug-ins are ideal for smaller sites but become leggy or buggy as the number of members increases. This could be due to a poorly designed database or simply a case of too many features being integrated together. Whatever the reason, there are numerous comparisons which shows certain WordPress membership sites operate better with tens of thousands of members than others.

Ignore the Initial Price

A common mistake is to automatically strike a membership plug-in off of your prospective list because of its price tag. While price is always a consideration, especially for new websites which are not yet profitable, it should not be a deal breaker. While every membership site plug-in has a unique price point they are all within the same ballpark. Additionally, if you are going to over-invest in a single area of your membership site, it makes sense to do so with the framework that will determine the overall ability of your site to provide your future members with what they want.

Unlimited is Key

Across all membership site plug-ins there are bound to be certain limitations. In most cases, it is always better to error on the side of unlimited rather than limited. This is particularly true when it comes to the number of member tiers, payment gateway integrations, auto responder integration, and any aspect of your website which will directly affect your member’s experience. While expecting a truly unlimited solution is unrealistic, it is important to focus on the specific limitations and determine how they will affect the long-term success of your website.

Focus on Why You are Buying Not What You Buying

By focusing on what specific plug-in you are buying there is a good chance that a membership site plug-in will prove to be incompatible with your future expectations and goals. This is most often a problem for people who have not clearly defined what they expect from their membership website plug-in. As a result they choose the one with the most features. The most features isn’t always the best solution if there is a different WordPress membership site plug-in that offers less solutions but each feature is better tailored to what you want to do within your membership site.

Integration Capabilities Are Critical

The final factor many people never consider is integration capabilities. They look solely at whether or not the membership plug-in will integrate with the payment processor and auto responder they are currently using. While this is essential, it can limit future expansion if the plug-in does not offer native support or integration capabilities for additional payment processors for third-party solutions that you may use in the future. While the plug-in does not need to offer native integration, there must be an option to use any third party solution you deem beneficial to your membership site.

MemberMouse Review

MemberMouse Membership Site Plugin Review

MemberMouse Review – What Makes It Unique?

Compared to some of the WordPress membership site plug-in stalwarts, MemberMouse could be considered a newcomer. While it has been around long enough to be considered an established solution, it doesn’t have the history of other popular solutions. This doesn’t mean it isn’t an excellent option as it offers a unique take on membership plug-in design. While the essential features are all available, the overall look and feel is considerably different than many of the other popular solutions. MemberMouse groups all of its features into four essential categories.

Customer Management

The first category of features is customer management and goes far beyond registering new members and accepting orders. The use of SmartTags offers an easy and unique way to feature upsells, downsells, and more. SmartTags are MemberMouse’s version of short codes. A unique ability is to target offers based on the referring affiliate. This is particularly helpful if you have a handful of high level affiliates as it allows you to create and tailor special offers and special content. This adds an essential additional layer to how you market and customize the member’s area and sales process.

Protected Member’s Area

The second group of features falls under the umbrella of the Protected Member’s Area. MemberMouse not only offers a full range of features to customize and enhance your member’s area, but makes it easy to deliver premium content in a secure manner. A unique ability is to auto lock shared accounts. The member’s area also allows for you to gather unique engagement statistics to see what exactly your members want and how they spend most of their time on your website.

Support Automation

MemberMouse offers a range of features which will decrease the amount of time you spend offering support to your members. A unique combination of features make it easy for members to request refunds, cancel memberships, update critical information, and even effectively handle payment decline recovery. This leads to a reduction in the number of support requests you will receive. It also allows for you to set up a comprehensive self-support area so that members can quickly and easily get the answers themselves.

Reporting & Analytics

A growing number of WordPress membership site plug-ins are offering advanced reporting and analytics. MemberMouse goes a step further by emphasizing critical metrics beyond basic sales and retention. It offers unique analytics such as lifetime customer value, retention rates, refund rates, affiliate tracking, and even a member activity log. This is all provided in what MemberMouse describes as accounting level detail. An area of emphasis for this plug-in is to not only provide data but to provide it in a way which makes it actionable and more valuable to membership site owners.

Pay Attention to Pricing

If there is one key caveat to MemberMouse, it would be the pricing. The first thing which stands out is MemberMouse relies on a monthly pricing structure rather than a one-time payment or renewal structure. While this is an inherently problematic as the price grows with the number of members your membership site has, there is another issue to pay attention to. The amount of features you receive will also be limited at the lower-priced here. This means you could be paying for the ability to support a significantly larger number of members than you actually have solely to get access to key additional features you may need.

MemberMouse Review

Magic Members Review

Magic Members Review

Magic Members Review

Magic Members Review – Membership Site Basics

When comparing membership site management solutions it is easy to get caught up looking at all of the bells, whistles, and extra features the software can provide. Unfortunately, none of these added bonuses are of any use if the solution doesn't provide the basic abilities every membership site management solution should have. To be useful they must effectively protect content, make member management easy, and process payments correctly. The Magic Members plugin is a popular WordPress solution which not only provides all of the bells and whistles but does an excellent job meeting and exceeding the basic membership site management requirements.

Download 7-Day Free Trial Version of Magic Members

Magic Members Quick Setup Guide

Magic Members and Content Protection

The first area of concern for membership sites is content protection. If your content is not adequately protected then everyone will be able to access it without paying to become a member. The Magic Members plugin addresses content protection in a variety of ways based upon the type of membership structure utilize. It does a good job of providing basic protection for membership only websites. These are the websites which do not provide any content for free but rather keep everything protected in the member’s area. Where the Magic Members plugin truly stands out is in the more complex membership site designs. For example, it makes it easy to maintain a significantly large free content section while still maintaining complete privacy for the member’s area. It also allows for pay per post access which allows you to sell access to a specific post or group of posts to free members.

Magic Members and Ease of Use

Since this plugin is built specifically for the WordPress platform is easily managed just like any other plugin. This is great news for WordPress users because you will not need to learn how to set up or install any other type of software. The user interface is designed so you can manage every aspect of your membership site from the traditional WordPress dashboard. While the solution is full of features which you can customize, you can also do a standard installation and need to make only a few minor changes in order to get your website up and running.

Magic Members and Payment Processors

Compared to most other popular solutions, Magic Members is ahead of the game. It offers a significantly larger number of natively supported payment processors that are easily set up and integrated with just a few clicks and your payment processor account information. Plus, you have the ability to use a single payment gateway or multiple payment gateways. Looking at the list of included payment processor modules it is safe to assume that if you are using a mainstream payment processor there is no doubt it is already included in the plug-in. The good news is even if you are using a region-centric payment processor there is a good chance that is already supported. Plus, new payment processors are added all the time.

In terms of meeting the membership site necessities, this plug-in definitely answers the call. It effectively protects all of the members only content while being extremely easy to set up and use with a variety of different payment processors.

Single: $97
3-Site: 197
Unlimited : $207

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5 Reasons to Use a Membership Site Plugin

5 Reasons to Use a Membership Site Plugin

5 Reasons You Need to Use a Membership Site Plugin to Create a Membership Site

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms being used to setup membership sites. The big question everyone needs to answer before setting up their membership site is what type of 3rd party solution they want to use. While the specific membership management solution is an important decision, there is a more important choice which must be considered before looking at specific options. Should membership site creators opt for 3rd party solutions which rely on WordPress plugins or should they target stand-alone 3rd party software solutions.

1. Membership Plugins Leverage the WordPress Core Architecture

The first reason to choose a membership site solution which functions via a WordPress plugin is system resources. Membership plugins are designed to utilize core WordPress architecture whenever possible. This can significantly reduce the system resource requirements because it prevents the need for identical dual processes from being run. Additionally, leveraging the WordPress core architecture allows plugins to remain lightweight while providing maximum functionality and flexibility.

2. Everything can be Managed from the WordPress Admin Area

Another benefit of use a membership site plugin instead of a stand-alone 3rd party solution in conjunction with the WordPress platform is ease of management. All WordPress plugins can be accessed via the WordPress admin area. This makes it easy to update plugins, themes, and even the WordPress core with a few clicks. With a stand-alone solution WordPress and additional plugins will need to be updated separately from the membership management solution. This holds true for member management as well. It is must easier and faster to manage members from within the WordPress dashboard because everything is in one place.

3. Less Likely to Conflict with Other WordPress Plugins

One of the biggest problems with standalone 3rd party membership solutions is the likelihood of compatibility issues greatly increases. WordPress plugin designers have the ability to focus solely on the WordPress architecture which means they are designing a membership management solution specifically for a single platform. On the other hand, stand-alone membership software solutions are designed to operate on a variety of platforms. While this is beneficial in theory it greatly increases the risk of major incompatibility issues as new version of WordPress are released.

4. Plugin Developers Are Active Within the WordPress Community

A majority of WordPress plugin developers remain active within the WordPress community and membership site plugin developers are no exception. This means they know exactly what changes are being considered for WordPress and can modify their plugins as needed to reduce the chance of compatibility issues. It also allows them extra time to leverage newly included WordPress capabilities to expand their set of features and boost functionality.

5. Spend Less Time Managing the Solution and More Time on Your Membership Site

The final reason to choose a membership site plugin is time. Time is a valuable resource especially as membership sites grow. By relying on a plugin purpose-built for the WordPress platform, the time required for general website management and maintenance is significantly reduced.

There is no doubt that anyone using WordPress to operate their membership site should focus on 3rd party solutions which feature a purpose-built WordPress plugin.

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