Magic Members Free Trial Version

Magic Members Free Trial Version

Magic Members announced officially that they released a 7-Day Free Trial version of the Membership Plugin.

MagicMembers is one of the best WordPress Membership plugins on the market. It's been more than 7 years since they started the Magic Members software.

Here's the announcement:

We have great news for you..

Our team developed a trial version of Magic Members WordPress Membership plugin. You can download and use it for 7 days for free.

All you need is to visit the following page and fill in the form. It takes only a few seconds.

Download Trial Version of Magic Members Now

Please do not forget, your purchase email address will be your activation key. The trial version is fully functional, after 7 days, if you decide to purchase a license, you won’t lose any data.

aMember Pro vs Digital Access Pass / DAP

aMember Pro vs Digital Access Pass / DAP

aMember Pro vs Digital Access Pass (aka DAP)

aMember Pro and Digital Access Pass are both quality WordPress membership plugins / membership software which continue to make a name for themselves across the premium plugin marketplace. Both of these plugins share similar characteristics which make them relatively unique and easy to compare against other competitors.

They Both Have the Same Primary Drawback

In an age where ease-of-use reigns supreme both aMember Pro and Digital Access Pass are considered to be fairly difficult to use in comparison. This isn’t too surprising considering the massive amount of features the plugin’s include however their back-end complexity creates a significant learning curve. To make matter worse, even once someone is comfortable with how to setup and operate the plugins the average amount of time it takes to setup a new product or membership level will still be greater than most other membership site plugins developed for the WordPress platform. The real question is whether the additional time and effort needed to get everything setup and managed efficiently worth the additional features either of these plugins can provide.


The next variable to consider is price both in the short-term and long-term. The initial purchase price of aMember Pro is $179.95. This is a lifetime license for one membership site which includes 6 months of upgrades. Additional upgrade packages will need to be purchased after the 6 month period is up which normally costs $80.

Digital Access Pass offers multiple licensing options ranging from $167 to $497. The licenses available range from usage on one website to unlimited websites and free updates are available for one year post-purchase. DAP also offers an ongoing monthly payment option at $39.99. Not only does it include unlimited usage but also unlimited updates and unlimited access to every plugin created by (including future releases).

“Best Feature” Comparison

Both plugin list nearly every feature a membership site owner would want so the real separator is what the highlight feature or functionality of each plugin is. The best feature of aMember Pro is the maximum flexibility provided by 3rd party integration. It is built to play nice with nearly every other WordPress plugin. Plus, you get complete access to the source code (excluding the primary source file) to make additional adjustments as you see fit.

It is difficult to decide what the best features of DAP is because two really stand out. The first is drip feeding content capabilities. While most membership plugins have this feature DAP definitely stands out for the maximum protection flexibility it provides. This capability feeds into the other stand out feature which is the ability to broadcast or drip feed emails to members without needing to integrate a 3rd party mailing host.


In the end, both of these plugins offer a solid solution in terms of the amount options and capabilities you will have. At the same time they both have drawbacks which need to be considered. For anyone searching for a premium membership plugin to be used on multiple sites Digital Access Pass quickly becomes the best value in terms of cost. For a single site it will come down to which option meets your specific needs the best.

[one_half] aMember Pro Membership Software
Single License: $179,95
Upgrade Fee after 6 months: $80

aMember Pro Review

[/one_half] [one_half_last] Digital Access Pass
Single License: $167
Developer License:$297

Digital Access Pass Review


Digital Access Pass Review

Digital Access Pass Review

Digital Access Pass Review

Digital Access Pass or DAP has become well-known as one of the more powerful WordPress membership plugins / membership software available. It is also one of the most mature plugins on the market. This ensures compatibility and reliability will rarely, if ever, become an issue. At the same time, every membership plugin has its share of pros and cons to consider when comparing it against the other popular premium options.

The Best of Digital Access Pass

DAP has a lot to offer membership site owners. It allows you to sell an unlimited number of products and/or membership levels. It also boasts built-in affiliate management and email management. In terms of features it easily stacks up as one of the best.

One of the best features DAP offers is the Smart Content Dripping. There are a lot of WordPress membership site plugins that offers some version of content dripping or drip feeding but many of them don’t provide maximum control over how the process is setup. Digital Access Pass makes it easy to allow you to drip feed pages, posts, categories, PDF’s, video, zip files, and even images. The best part is this is pair with 2 different layers of content security.

DAP also stands out because it is one of the few membership plugins that will allow you to leverage Amazon SES or SendReach to maximize email deliverability. The best is by using these types of services you don’t need to sign up with a 3rd party email/mailing list provider as everything can be handled from within DAP. If you do want to integrate a 3rd party email provider then AWeber, GetResponse, and MailChimp are all natively supported.

The Worst of Digital Access Pass

There is no doubt that DAP has some flaws but keep in mind – even the worst of DAP tops the best of some other options. In general there are two primary complaints regarding DAP. The first is the overall ease of use. Since this plugin has been around for so long and has added so many features getting everything setup can be an intimidating proposition. Even once you are comfortable with DAP adding new products and membership levels can noticeably longer than with other solutions. This shouldn’t be surprising considering how many features you need to consider when adding new products.

The second common complaint is the user interface. While dramatic improvements have been made to the functionality of DAP, very little has been done to the user interface. As a result, it feels a bit clunky and outdated at times. This could be why many people feel like it takes longer to learn and setup membership sites with it. Plus, the lack of visual improvements also mean very few tracking/analytics are presented to back-end users. While this is a minor issue it so simple to address that most people are surprised that DAP hasn’t incorporated any new analytic/tracking features.

Is It Worth the Price?

Digital Access Pass has 4 different pricing options. The first 3 are time payments which include several modules and either a 1 site or unlimited site license. They range from $167 to $497 and include free updates for 1 year. The other option is $39.99 per month. It not only includes unlimited updates across an unlimited number of websites, it also includes the WCP unlimited site license. The WCP license essentially grants unlimited use and updates of every other plugin developed by including all future releases. In general, the unlimited lifetime updates alone make the $39.99 per month offer ideal for anyone who wants to use DAP on multiple websites. While it may not be a perfect solution DAP is definitely a membership plugin that should be seriously considered when making your final decision.

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Wishlist Member vs. aMember Pro

Wishlist Member vs aMember Pro

Wishlist Member vs aMember Pro

Edit: Wishlist Member plugin changed the single license price fron $97 to $197, so aMember Pro is exactly better membership plugin for WordPress.

There are several popular membership site solutions for the WordPress platform that are often compared to each other by website owners before deciding which one is best for a particular website or application. Two options which are commonly considered are Wishlist Member an aMember Pro. Comparing them can be difficult, especially when looking at how they preform across a myriad of different membership structures. They are similar in a lot of ways which is why the difference is truly in the details.

Core Features – Tie

To understand how similar both of these WordPress solutions are you need to look no further than the core features. Both Wishlist Member and a Member Pro both boast a similar set of core features and functionality. Without a doubt they both offer all of the essential functions for managing various types of membership sites including unlimited membership levels, the ability to drip feed content, and simple solutions to ensure all of the member’s only content is safe and secure even across various membership levels.

Support – aMember Pro

In terms of support aMember Pro gets a slight edge. Both solutions offer a significant amount of documentation which means support is rarely going to be necessary. The big difference is that Wishlist Member encrypts all of the plug-ins code which means you don’t have the option to try and troubleshoot coding issues yourself. Instead you’ll be paired with a plug-in specialist. While these specialists are extremely good the still extra time and effort that isn’t necessary with aMember Pro.

Setup/Integration – Wishlist Member

When looking at the initial setup and integration process there is no doubt that Wishlist Member is a much better solution. This is because it is purpose built specifically for the WordPress platform. On the other hand, aMember Pro includes a free WordPress integration plug-in but it is actually a standalone third-party solution. As a result, it isn’t necessarily as intuitive to set out because it doesn’t rely on the core WordPress architecture.

Price – It Depends
Comparing both of them based solely on price is difficult because they utilize different pricing options. Wishlist Member offers a single site license for only $197. This includes unlimited updates and support for one year. aMember Pro is priced at $179.95. Big difference is aMember Pro includes a lifetime license – but only six months of free updates. Wishlist Member also has a multi-site license for use on unlimited domains for $297 but there is still only one year of support and updates. What makes this even more complicated is many of the popular plug-ins integrated with aMember cost an additional $17 apiece. Over time this can actually make it the more expensive solution.

3rd Party Integration – Wishlist Member (barely)
The final factor to consider is third-party integration. Both offer a significant number of built-in third-party integration tools especially when it comes to payment processors. What makes WishList Member slightly better is the development community support. There are numerous developers who build plug-ins specifically to add additional integration options for this plug-in. On the other hand, aMember Pro doesn’t necessarily need numerous additional integration options but since it is not a native WordPress plug-in there can be complications with other WordPress plug-ins.

Wishlist Member vs aMember Pro Overall
It is difficult to say that there is a clear winner overall. If you are considering solely building membership sites on WordPress platforms then Wishlist Member probably has a slight edge. While the core features are similar with both options, the setup process is much faster with Wishlist Member which is particularly important if you plan on building multiple membership sites. Plus, the surrounding development community is consistently adding additional plug-ins to provide even more features and flexibility within the core Wishlist Member architecture.


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[/highlight2] [highlight2]

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aMember Pro Membership Software Review

aMember Pro Membership Software Review

aMember Pro Membership Software Review

aMember Pro has been in the discussion as one of the best membership software solutions on the market for some time. It is extremely versatile and includes many of the built-in features membership site developers look for. The big question is what features will make it stand out in comparison to popular WordPress membership plugins.

This is Not a Native WordPress Membership Site Plugin

It is important to note that aMember Pro is not a native WordPress plug-in. Instead it is a membership site software that includes integration for the WordPress framework. While there are no commonly reported compatibility issues the fact that it is a completely separate piece of software that was not designed specifically for WordPress does mean the possibility of compatibility issues is worth considering when comparing it to native WordPress plug-in solutions.

Built-In Affiliate Program

one of the most notable features aMember Pro has to offer that goes above and beyond many other membership site management solutions is the built in affiliate program. Not only can it correctly handle recurring billing but it also allows website owners to turn members into affiliates. Currently it is designed so payouts can be made automatically with PayPal, Moneybookers, and by check. It also features flexible commission levels which will allows the best affiliates to get paid more.

Main Features of Amember Pro

There are a number of primary features which makes aMember Pro a solution worth considering. It offers unlimited membership levels, unlimited items, incremental content delivery, automated sign-up and membership expiration, and fully featured member management. It also integrates several different modules which can be utilized including a newsletter module, shopping cart module, and helpdesk module.

Key Member Management Features

Member management can mean a lot of different things based upon the type of membership site being operated. Not only does aMember Pro offer all of the standard member management features but it also includes numerous additional capabilities. This includes coupon codes, flexible sign-up forms, and even a fallback payment processor in the event your primary payment processor temporarily fails or goes offline.

The final benefits of aMember Pro is the numerous different ways you can control access. Not only can you create different control levels for different types of content but you can also drill down content access and implement unique access sharing prevention strategies.

All of This Comes at a Price
While aMember Pro boasts numerous features they definitely come at a higher than normal price. Currently, aMember Pro carries a purchase price of $179.95 for a lifetime license. Additionally, the lifetime license only includes six months of free software updates. Additionally, many of the most popular plug-ins built for this software come at an additional cost of $40. This includes many of the integration plugins – however the WordPress integration plugin is free.

Overall aMember Pro Should Always Be in Consideration
While aMember Pro is deathly not a perfect solution for everyone it boasts enough features and capabilities that everyone should consider it when comparing their best options. The big question most people end up asking themselves is whether or not the additional features provided by the software are significant enough to justify the higher than average purchase price.

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