S2Member Review – Free vs. Pro

S2Member Free Wordpress Membership Site Plugin

S2Member Review – Free vs. Pro

Anyone who has investigated or compared WordPress membership website plug-ins is familiar with S2Member. The basic framework is free although there is also a Pro version for either $89 or $189 depending upon how many websites it will be used on. There is also an option to extend the one year of free support with the option to renew 12 months of support for either $19 or $29. It is important to note that the Unlimited site license is necessary for websites utilizing a WordPress multi-site network.

This includes child blogs and sub sites within the network. Additionally, the Unlimited license is not a developer license. The developers will need their clients to purchase their own single site or Unlimited site license.

Key Feature Differences between the Free and Pro Version

S2Member is an extremely feature-rich WordPress membership website plug-in. The free version is the fundamental framework the Pro version is built on which means it is updated just as often as the Pro version is. At the same time, there are certain limitations with the free version which is why many people choose to upgrade.

A key difference between the free and Pro version is third-party integration. While the free version support standard PayPal buttons, the Pro version is required for PayPal Pro integration, Stripe integration, Authorize.net integration, and ClickBank button integration.

Another key feature not available with the free version is the ability to utilize content dripping short codes. Content dripping short codes is the method used by S2Member to utilize the popular drip-feeding content strategy. In fact, a majority of short codes S2Member is known for are not available with the free version. For example, pro form short codes, customizable pro-form templates, and short code extras are only available with the Pro version.

There are also several key convenience features not available with the free version of S2Member. For example, one step registration/checkout is only available with the premium version. Additionally, the number of membership levels is limited to four with the free version whereas the paid version offers unlimited membership levels. Another popular convenience feature is remote operations API access and the ability to create coupon codes/gift codes. Both of these are only available with the Pro version of S2Member

S2Member is Phasing Out Some Integration Capabilities

In an interesting move, S2Member has decided to phase out support for some popular third party integrations. Two of the most notable third-party solutions being phased out are AliPay and ccBill. While they officially stopped advertising and featuring integration with these third-party solutions several years ago, they are now beginning to limit or eliminate assistance with existing integration for these services. While S2Member is not stripping out the integration completely, yet, future versions will be released without this integration natively supported.

The Future of S2Member

There is no arguing this premium WordPress membership site plug-in has a bright future. At the same time, the decision to phase out native integration and support for certain third-party solutions, particularly payment processors, can make it difficult for some people to determine whether or not this is the best long-term solution for their needs.

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S2Member Free Wordpress Membership Site Plugin

S2Member Pro Discount Coupon Code

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What’s S2Member Pro?

S2Member is a WordPress Membership plugin in order to create membership websites with WordPress. It’s easy to use and risk-free.

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WordPress Membership Plugins

Wordpress Membership Plugins

6 WordPress Membership Site Plugins Worth Considering

There is not “best” membership site plugin which reigns supreme for every type and size of membership site. Instead of looking for a best solution, it is more effective and useful to search for the “right” WordPress plugin for your membership site. While you specific needs will merit looking at additional plugins not contained in this list, the following 7 WordPress membership site plugins have consistently proven to be versatile, flexible, and effective solutions for a broad range of membership site types and sizes.

WordPress Membership Plugin

WishList Member

WishList Member is considered by many to be one of the oldest WordPress membership site plugins still being actively developed. It provides a strong, mature core architecture and includes all of the essential functions the average membership needs. Due to its maturity it currently boasts more than 30 different training videos and extensive documentation. It isn’t the least expense option on the market but it is a proven, comprehensive solution. Go to Wishlist Member Review page.

Magic Members

Magic Members has become as one of the easiest membership site plugins to setup and manage, especially for website owners who are looking to create a membership area within their current website. Additionally, it boasts a massive amount of built-in payment gateways. This is particularly important for international users who require a variety of regional payment processors. It is obvious from the overall design in the admin area that this plugin was not only designed to be feature-rich but also relatively simple to use. Go to Magic Members Review page.


There is no doubt the free version of S2Member is one of the elite free WordPress Membership plugins. Unfortunately, many of the most popular features are only available with S2Member Pro. The primary difference between the two is the number of payment processors available but there are some additional features only available with the Pro version as well. If the free version is adequate then this solution is definitely worth a look. Go to S2Member Review page.


MemberPress is another popular membership plugin. While it is full of essential features it stands out due to its smooth interface, especially for front-end users. Another benefit is the payment systems are setup to be nearly hands-free which makes adding new subscription tiers and products quick and simple. Its ability to quickly prorate charges is a benefit as well. Go to MemberPress Review page.


MemberMouse bills itself as a membership and ecommerce solution. It is best used by membership websites that also sell products (both digital and physical) within the member’s area or to the general public. The back-end is designed to be easy to use. MemberMouse developers have gone so far to say new MemberMouse users can go “from zero to first customer in 2 minutes and 30 seconds”. Go to MemberMouse Review page.

 Paid Memberships Pro

Another popular choice is Paid Memberships Pro. PMPro offers an easy to use free plugin. While it is a solid option, it is equally important to consider that the free version offers zero developer support. The only way to get customer service/support is by joining the PMPro user’s forum which does have a yearly subscription fee. If you must have a free option in the beginning then this is a great place to start but most membership sites will need to transition to a different solution over time.


You can also check the Choosing the Best WordPress Membership Plugin article.

S2Member Free WordPress Membership Site Plugin

S2Member Free Wordpress Membership Site Plugin

S2Member Free WordPress Membership Site Plugin

S2Member offers both a free and premium WordPress membership site plugin. When deciding whether or not to try the S2Member free plugin there are two different decisions to make. The first is whether or not the S2Member free plugin offers the functionality and capabilities required to operate your membership site. If not, the second question is whether upgrading to the premium version would offer the additional resources you need.

Big Picture View of S2Member

Overall the free S2Member has many of the core features developers want in a WordPress membership plugin. The one obvious feature which is lacking is the ability to easily drip-feed content but this is only an issue for very specific types of membership sites and continuity sites. The framework is cleanly designed and easily integrates with the core WordPress architecture and other popular plugins.

Payment Integration

A key consideration for every membership site is how monies will be collected. The free version of S2Member allows for PayPal standard button integration – which includes recurring and non-recurring subscriptions. The only caveat is it does not support custom thank you page URLs. For this functionality an upgrade to the premium version of S2Member is required. Other popular payment gateways such as PayPal Pro, Authorize.Net, Google Wallet, and ClickBank are only available with the premium version of S2Member.

Core Membership Functions

The S2Member free plugin includes variations on most of the key membership functions including an array of customization options. One limitation is the number of membership levels available. The free version is limited to a maximum of 4 membership levels. For unlimited levels upgrading to the premium version is required. The premium version is also needed for customizable one-time offers upon user login.

Content/Download Restrictions

There is no difference between the free and premium S2Member plugin versions in regards to content protection and download restrictions. The free version makes it easy to protect individual or all WordPress posts, pages, and categories. For download protection this plugin supports both inline and forced file downloads, restrictions based on membership level, localized storage protection, and comes pre-integrated with Amazon S3 Cloudfront.

Mass Actions

Depending on the size of your membership site the need to mass import, delete, promote, and demote members is critical. Unfortunately, the free version of S2Member only allows for mass promotion, deletion, and demotion. It does not support mass importation, updates, or exportation. The premium version is required for this.

3rd Party Integration

The free S2Member WordPress membership plugin includes pre-integration for a variety of 3rd party tools. For mailing list functionality MailChimp and AWeber are pre-integrated. These are the only two mailing list options available regardless of whether you choose the free or premium version. Both versions are also the same in terms of affiliate management/website tracking. They both are pre-integrated with iDevAffiliate, ShareASale, and Google Analytics. Additionally they are fully compatible with any affiliate management system that utilizes pixel tracking, code snippets, and event driven API notifications.

Capabilities Only Available With the Premium Version

There are several other capabilities of note which are only available with the premium version. They include remote operations API for PHP developers, API function for dynamic Pro Login Widgets via PHP, and support for WordPress multisite blog farms allowing child blogs – including BuddyPress support on multisite networks.


The S2Member free WordPress membership site plugin offers tremendous overall value considering it is regularly updated and is a no cost solution. At the same time, there are certain restrictions and drawbacks which may make many membership site owners seriously consider upgrading to the premium version or selecting an alternate WordPress membership plugin solution.

Check S2Member Review or Go to S2Member Website

S2Member vs. MemberPress

S2Member vs. MemberPress

S2Member vs. MemberPress

It can be tricky comparing S2Member to other WordPress membership plugins because it offers both a free and pro version. A majority of core capabilities are available with the free version but the Pro version offers much more flexibility, especially in terms of integrating popular payment processors. Another WordPress membership plugin that can be difficult to compare is MemberPress. This is because MemberPress uses a strict rules-based approach to protecting content that isn’t often found across the bevy of WordPress membership site plugins available.

1. Configuration Options
The easiest way to compare both plugins is by looking at the built-in configuration options and features. The free S2Member boasts a feature set very similar to MemberPress. As a result, when you start looking at S2Member Pro, it becomes much more robust than MemberPress. The key to gaining maximum flexibility out of MemberPress lies in getting comfortable with the rules-based approach. By setting up the rules for every piece of protected content for every membership level you gain maximum flexibility. At the same time, this creates a lot extra work during the initial setup process. On the other hand, configuring S2Member is fairly straightforward so while you may not have quite as much flexibility implementing any changes is much easier during the setup phase.

2. Ease of Use
In terms of sheer simplicity S2Member is well ahead of MemberPress. It doesn’t matter if you are looking at integrating payment gateways, customizing content protection on a large scale, or just managing multiple membership levels S2Member is easier to use. The interface is clearing and more intuitive which cuts down on the initial learning curve. When you upgrade to the Pro version, you will find it equally as easy to use but there will be more functionality-related options available. There will be a host of additional payment processors/payment gateways you can integrate as well.

3. Long Term Viability
S2Member has two key characteristics that ensure its long term viability. The first is there is a free version which means it is easy for people to give it a test drive and upgrade later if they desire. This has created a wide base of users and ensures there is incentive for the developers to continue improving it. The second characteristic is how the Pro upgrade is designed. Instead of withholding key features in the free version a majority of features are already there. The primary reason people upgrade is because the Pro version is how you can integrate the most popular payment processors. As a result, the webmaster considering the upgrade immediately sees how upgrading is a profitable business decision. They already like the plugin and know they will generate more income by integrating the most popular payment processors.
On the other hand, MemberPress is a relative newcomer and does not have a large enough user base to ensure long term viability. Plus there is free trial or ability to get a refund. This stops many people from buying MemberPress in the first place. If they truly don’t like the plugin they have zero chance of getting a refund. This makes it difficult for MemberPress to generate more customers on a regular basis.

As it stands today, S2Member is the clear winner. It doesn’t matter if you are comparing the free or Pro version of S2Member – it trumps MemberPress in nearly every way. While the rules-based approach MemberPress employs may prove to be the best option in the long run, it is still to unrefined to be in serious consideration for membership sites with multiple membership tiers and/or products.

[one_half] S2Member Pro
Single License: $69
Unlimited License: $129

S2Member Review

[/one_half] [one_half_last] MemberPress
Single License: $99
Developer License:$199

MemberPress Review