Wishlist Member vs. aMember Pro

Wishlist Member vs aMember Pro

Wishlist Member vs aMember Pro

Edit: Wishlist Member plugin changed the single license price fron $97 to $197, so aMember Pro is exactly better membership plugin for WordPress.

There are several popular membership site solutions for the WordPress platform that are often compared to each other by website owners before deciding which one is best for a particular website or application. Two options which are commonly considered are Wishlist Member an aMember Pro. Comparing them can be difficult, especially when looking at how they preform across a myriad of different membership structures. They are similar in a lot of ways which is why the difference is truly in the details.

Core Features – Tie

To understand how similar both of these WordPress solutions are you need to look no further than the core features. Both Wishlist Member and a Member Pro both boast a similar set of core features and functionality. Without a doubt they both offer all of the essential functions for managing various types of membership sites including unlimited membership levels, the ability to drip feed content, and simple solutions to ensure all of the member’s only content is safe and secure even across various membership levels.

Support – aMember Pro

In terms of support aMember Pro gets a slight edge. Both solutions offer a significant amount of documentation which means support is rarely going to be necessary. The big difference is that Wishlist Member encrypts all of the plug-ins code which means you don’t have the option to try and troubleshoot coding issues yourself. Instead you’ll be paired with a plug-in specialist. While these specialists are extremely good the still extra time and effort that isn’t necessary with aMember Pro.

Setup/Integration – Wishlist Member

When looking at the initial setup and integration process there is no doubt that Wishlist Member is a much better solution. This is because it is purpose built specifically for the WordPress platform. On the other hand, aMember Pro includes a free WordPress integration plug-in but it is actually a standalone third-party solution. As a result, it isn’t necessarily as intuitive to set out because it doesn’t rely on the core WordPress architecture.

Price – It Depends
Comparing both of them based solely on price is difficult because they utilize different pricing options. Wishlist Member offers a single site license for only $197. This includes unlimited updates and support for one year. aMember Pro is priced at $179.95. Big difference is aMember Pro includes a lifetime license – but only six months of free updates. Wishlist Member also has a multi-site license for use on unlimited domains for $297 but there is still only one year of support and updates. What makes this even more complicated is many of the popular plug-ins integrated with aMember cost an additional $17 apiece. Over time this can actually make it the more expensive solution.

3rd Party Integration – Wishlist Member (barely)
The final factor to consider is third-party integration. Both offer a significant number of built-in third-party integration tools especially when it comes to payment processors. What makes WishList Member slightly better is the development community support. There are numerous developers who build plug-ins specifically to add additional integration options for this plug-in. On the other hand, aMember Pro doesn’t necessarily need numerous additional integration options but since it is not a native WordPress plug-in there can be complications with other WordPress plug-ins.

Wishlist Member vs aMember Pro Overall
It is difficult to say that there is a clear winner overall. If you are considering solely building membership sites on WordPress platforms then Wishlist Member probably has a slight edge. While the core features are similar with both options, the setup process is much faster with Wishlist Member which is particularly important if you plan on building multiple membership sites. Plus, the surrounding development community is consistently adding additional plug-ins to provide even more features and flexibility within the core Wishlist Member architecture.


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Wishlist Member vs. MemberPress

Wishlist Member vs. MemberPress

Wishlist Member vs. MemberPress

Wishlist Member has been a top WordPress membership plugin for quite some time. The problem comparing many WordPress membership plugins is they are all similar in a lot of ways. This is what makes MemberPress interesting. It is unlike nearly every other plugin on the market. The big question is whether or not this is a good thing or not.

1. Ease of Use
Like most popular membership site management plugins Wishlist Member utilizes a layout and interface as the WordPress dashboard. While no one would ever confuse it for the WordPress Dashboard the transition between one and other is fairly seamless. Much of the setup and customization is reliant on the point-and-click strategy. This is the area in which MemberPress easily stands out. The entire setup process is rules-based. This means for every piece of protected content a set of rules must be created. While this is a great idea in theory because it offers unlimited customization the reality is much different. This is because rules must be created and applied to every piece of content and membership level. As a result, the initial setup process can quickly start to feel tedious. Plus a rules-based mistake in regards to membership levels can undermine the rules setup for individual products and pieces of content.

2. Potential for Problems
In the short term there is no doubt the potential for technical problems within Wishlist Member is minimal. It is one of the most mature plugins in the marketplace so any major problem has been dealt with long ago. On the other hand, many users have reported errors with MemberPress. It is difficult to tell if many of these are legitimate errors or just mistakes caused by setting up rules incorrectly, but either way there are a lot of concerns out there. The point of buying a WordPress membership plugin is to save time and eliminate the need to worry about protecting content. In this case, MemberPress leaves some people wanting more.
3. 3rd Party Integration
Another problem caused by heavy use of rules within MemberPress is it doesn’t always get along with 3rd party plugins very well. This is particularly problematic for WordPress users because plugins are critical to getting the most out of the flexibility the WordPress platform has to offer. On the other hand, Wishlist Member has a range of 3rd party plugins built specifically to work with Wishlist Member. Plus, since very little changes within the core framework of the Wishlist Member plugin there is little chance of large-scale compatibility issues in the future. MemberPress is still too young to predict whether any major compatibility issues will arise.

4. Refund Policy
While it may not seem like a big deal the lack of refund policy offered by MemberPress is concerning. It is understanding to have a tight refund policy in regards to digital products, especially applications, but have no refund policy out all is problematic. If someone has tried MemberPress and legitimately doesn’t want to every use it again they still won’t be able to get their money back. It also speaks to faith, or lack thereof, on behalf of the developers behind MemberPress.

If these are the only two options you are considering then Wishlist Member is the clear winner. Not only is it one of the strongest and most reliable options on the market but it is also has a strong track record of keeping customers happy and satisfied with their purchase.


Wishlist Member

Single License: $97
3-Site License: $194
Unlimited License: $297

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Single License: $99
Developer License:$199

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Wishlist Member vs. Magic Members

Wishlist Member vs. Magic Members

Wishlist Member vs. Magic Members

The Magic Members and Wishlist Member have established themselves as some of the best WordPress membership plugins on the market. As a result, it is common for webmasters to find themselves considering both options when starting a membership site. Both have notable strengths and few weaknesses which makes choosing between the two a difficult task.

1. Features

The true strength of Wishlist Member is the number of 3rd party applications which are specifically designed to be integrated with the plugin. Unfortunately, this often leaves webmasters scrambling to find the right add-on plugin to make Wishlist Member exactly what they want. On the other hand, Magic Members excels because nearly every feature a membership site owner would want is built into the core of the plugin. This eliminates the potential for compatibility issues. Plus the few plugins most often combined with Magic Members to increase functionality are designed by the same developers to eliminate the threat of compatibility problems. Continue reading