The Top 5 WordPress Membership Plugins

The Top 5 WordPress Membership Plugins for Any Website

There is no such thing as the perfect WordPress membership plugin, however there are five extremely powerful options. Of these five, there is no doubt one of them will be the perfect fit for any membership site. The key is identifying which WordPress membership plugin is best for a specific application. At the same time, choosing any of these five plugins will most often leave the website owner satisfied.

WishList Member

The first popular WordPress membership plugin is WishList Member. This is one of the oldest and most trusted WordPress membership plugins. Currently, it is used on nearly 55,000 online communities and membership sites worldwide. This solution has both a single site and multi-site license at $97 and $297. Along with a multi-site license, several bonuses are provided including to customer membership themes, the top five membership models audio file, the plugins that rock webinar, and over 300 membership icons. This is a versatile plugin which can be great for any membership site because of its broad list of features. While some tweaking is often necessary it provides a solid foundation for any membership site.

Magic Members

The Magic Members plugin is similar to WishList member insofar as it includes all of the most important membership plugin features. Most people note its real strength is the sequential course delivery system which allows membership owners to drip feed content. While many plugins have this feature, the Magic Members plugin integrates it in a way that makes it extremely easy to manage and use regardless of how much content is being managed. Another key benefit is this plugin offers the ability to integrate it into current websites. It is considered the best option for instantly transforming and open website into a membership website. There are three different licenses available for this plugin. A single site license, three user license, and Unlimited license. They require a one-time fee of $97, $197, and $207.

s2Member Pro

s2Member Pro is another professional an extremely versatile membership management solution for the WordPress platform. There is actually an s2Member free version which includes all the basic functionality; however the Pro version offers a significant number of additional payment gateways and functionalities. Key integrations include PayPal buttons, Stripe, Google Wallet, and ClickBank integration. The single site license is $69 and the Unlimited site license is $129.


aMember is a flexible and user-friendly membership software solution for the WordPress platform. Some consider it to be one of the easier plugins to get started with although it does lack some of the key features which make other WordPress membership plugins so popular. A unique benefit of the solution is it includes a full-featured affiliate module which makes it easy to track recurring commissions for affiliates. The lifetime license, including six months of free updates, is $179.95.

WP eMember

The final solution to consider is WP eMember. While it does not have as many features as some of the other plugins on this list, it is extremely powerful. It is particularly useful for people who already rely on other WP products created by this developer because they are all designed to seamlessly integrate into each other. Another unique benefit is all future updates are included free, forever – rather than requiring a license renewal fee for future updates after six months or one year. Currently, it is available for $59.95.

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