Wishlist Member Plugin Reviews

Wishlist Member Plugin Customer Reviews

Wishlist Member Customer Reviews

Wishlist Member is a premium WordPress membership site plugin / software. You can turn your existing WP into a powerful membership website within minutes. We'll list customers reviews for Wishlist Member.

[pullquote] Wishlist is key to our business. We went through a lot of research before choosing WL and we are delighted with the results and ease of use. Just as important though is excellent support from the team. Running a membership site with WishList Member means we focus on customer capture and retention [/pullquote]

[blockquote] Hey guys, yes I’ve started putting everything together on my site and I wanted to say that I’m absolutely blown away by the ease of use and the excellent videos. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever come across videos that explain everything so clearly and thoroughly, yet concisely. [/blockquote]

[pullquote]Seth Godin says that the ability to stand out is based on over delivering. Since joining you in 2009 I have had the extreme honor of reviving your elite and excellent service. The web is a fickle thing. And though it is easy to build a great brand by just caring about customers. [/pullquote]

[blockquote]I was always told “you’ll never find a membership site that does EVERYTHING you want it to do” and I assumed these experts were right. They were wrong. Not only is WishList Member THE BEST membership site product on the market [/blockquote]

[pullquote] Just want to let you and all the WishList guys know that the WishList Member product is the coolest product I’ve worked with in years. I’m really impressed with your customer service and tutorial videos as well. The best dollars I’ve spent this year![/pullquote]


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