Wishlist Member Plugin Reviews

WishList Member Price Increase Review

WishList Member Price Increase Review

In terms of WordPress membership plugins, WishList Member has been a mainstay for a considerable amount of time. It is currently used by more than 61,000 online communities and membership sites. WishList Member is considered to be one of the most robust and easiest to use membership solutions for WordPress websites.

WishList Member Price Change

One thing that jumps out at people who were considering this plug-in in the past is the recent price change. Previously it was available for $97 for a single website license. It now costs $197 for a single website license. A multi-site license, for unlimited URLs, is $297. It is important to note that the multi-site license is not a developer license.

Developers wishing to use this plug-in on their client’s websites must purchase a commercial license. Commercial licenses are sold in blocks of five or more. Each license is then assigned to specific clients.

This means every client will have their own license key registered to their URL. Commercial licenses are $120 each for a block of 529 licenses. 10 or more commercial licenses are $100 each per purchase basis. While every license purchase is considered to be a onetime purchase, since there are no recurring fees to keep the license active, updates are only provided for one year. Following the one-year timeframe, there is an optional $47 renewal fee which is essential to getting support and upgrades as they are released.

Is WishList Member Worth the New Price?

With the price increase, many people who have not yet purchased the plug-in are wondering whether or not it is worth the new price of $197 for a single site license. This WordPress membership plug-in offers all of the essential integration options that serious Internet marketers need. It natively supports several affiliate programs including ClickBank and 1ShoppingCart. iDev affiliate tracking software can also be integrated.

The same is true for payment processors, shopping carts, and auto responders. It is important to know the difference between full integration and simple integration. Full integration allows for the entire process to be automated. Simple integration will require the site administrator to manually cancel membership levels if the customer cancels payment or if the payment is unsuccessful. As a result,

additional plug-ins are often needed to maximize compatibility of WishList Member and other third party solutions which wish to be integrated.

Assuming you renew your registration on a yearly basis, the WishList Member WordPress plug-in offers more than 100 pages of organize screenshots through its support guides. There are also video tutorials which demonstrate every plug-in feature. Overall, the support provided to customers is consistently considered to be solid. A related issue to keep in mind is this plug-in has a WishList Certified Developer program. Programmers who have this designation have gone through additional training to simplify the integration of additional features a user may need. While hiring these developers may be more expensive in some instances, they can leverage the WishList Member API for maximum flexibility.

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