Wishlist Member vs DAP

Wishlist Member vs DAP

Wishlist Member vs DAP/ Digital Access Pass

Comparing Wishlist Member and DAP (Digital Access Pass) is an interesting proposition because they are so different from a user’s point of view. At the same time, they both offer similar core functionality, features, and overall effectiveness. In most cases, the final decision is based upon how someone wants to setup and manage their membership site rather than the core features themselves.

Ease of Use vs Built-In Features

There is no arguing that both Wishlist Member and DAP membership software are feature-rich solutions, the difference is how they provide the extensibility. Wishlist Member is extremely easy to setup and use out of the box with minimal tinkering. At the same time, Wishlist Member is heavily reliant on 3rd party integration in order to provide the maximum amount of features. In fact, Wishlist Member has a very active community which is consistently releasing new add-ons to boost the number of 3rd party applications which are integrated with it. As a result, the setup and backend management is simple, streamlined, and to the point.

On the other hand, DAP require little to no 3rd party integration solutions to provide nearly every feature a membership site owner would want. Unfortunately, this means the initial setup process can be a bit laborious. There is a considerably steeper learning curve in order to become comfortable with DAP. On the other hand, once you learn it there is no additional or supplement solutions which will need to be used.

The Look and Feel

From a members point of view there is nearly no difference between the two solutions. Unfortunately, on the back-end this isn’t the case. Wishlist Member membership site plugin looks and feels much fresher and newer. The back-end of DAP looks dated as a majority of the updates are functionality/feature-based rather than improving usability or the look of the admin area.


For anyone interested in only a single site license Wishlist Member is much less expensive at $97 with unlimited 1 year updates. A single site license for DAP is $167 with 1 year of unlimited updates. When you move into multi-site/unlimited licenses thing start to even out. A multi-site Wishlist Member license is $297 as is a multi-site DAP license. Where DAP stands out is the additional “Wicked Cool Club Platinum” license. It is $39.99 per month. Not only does it include unlimited updates but it also includes free access to every other plugin being sold at WickedCoolPlugins.com. This includes both current and future plugins.


In the end it is all about user preference. Both are extremely mature WordPress membership plugins. If you are only interested in a single site license then it is hard to argue with Wishlist Member but when it comes to the multi-site license it comes down to built-in features for 3rd party integration.

Wishlist Member Plugin
Single License: $97
Unlimited License: $297

Wishlist Member Review


Digital Access Pass
Single License: $167
Developer License:$297

Digital Access Pass Review


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