Wishlist Member vs. Magic Members

Wishlist Member vs. Magic Members

Wishlist Member vs. Magic Members

The Magic Members and Wishlist Member have established themselves as some of the best WordPress membership plugins on the market. As a result, it is common for webmasters to find themselves considering both options when starting a membership site. Both have notable strengths and few weaknesses which makes choosing between the two a difficult task.

1. Features

The true strength of Wishlist Member is the number of 3rd party applications which are specifically designed to be integrated with the plugin. Unfortunately, this often leaves webmasters scrambling to find the right add-on plugin to make Wishlist Member exactly what they want. On the other hand, Magic Members excels because nearly every feature a membership site owner would want is built into the core of the plugin. This eliminates the potential for compatibility issues. Plus the few plugins most often combined with Magic Members to increase functionality are designed by the same developers to eliminate the threat of compatibility problems.

2. Support
Both plugins offer strong customer support and troubleshooting assistance. There have been a few complaints against the support models used by both plugins but they continue to offer better support as time goes on. Additionally, both offer a wealth of resources, guides, and documentation which means it can be faster and easier to find the answers in the content they already provide to plugin owners.

3. Setup
The initial setup process for both plugins is very simple and straightforward. The biggest difference is how the setup process is completed. Wishlist Member uses a more step-by-step approach whereas Magic Members allows webmasters to pick and choose what options they want to set up first.

4. Content Delivery
Comparing the ability to effectively protect content is a moot point with Magic Members and Wishlist Member because both do an exceptional job keeping members-only content private. The better comparison is how the content is delivered. If you are creating a members area that features fairly static content, meaning every member sees the same thing, then both are strong solutions. Magic Members separates itself from Wishlist Member because of its ability to drip feed or sequentially deliver content. While both plugins have this feature Magic Members is considered much easier to use and much more reliable.

5. Interface and Usability
Both plugins are heavily reliant on the WordPress core functionality whenever possible. This is great news for website owners because it makes the plugins lighter, more flexible, and limits issues arising from updates to the WordPress core architecture. The most notable difference is in the backend user interface. Magic Members can take some time to get used to for some users because of how the tabbed layout is designed. This is a minor issues as users quickly get used to it but it is worth mentioning.

Overall Magic Members is a Better Choice

Choosing one option over the other without considering a specific use comes down to splicing hairs but in the end Magic Members has the edge. It is slightly more versatile because you don’t need 3rd party plugins to compensate for a lack of certain features. Plus, Magic Members is easier to use out of the box and features a much more refined content delivery system.


Magic Members Prices:

Single License: $97
3-Site License: $197
Unlimited License: $207

Magic Members Review


Wishlist Member Prices:

Single License: $97
3-Site License: $194
Unlimited License: $297

Wishlist Member Review

3 thoughts on “Wishlist Member vs. Magic Members”

  1. Wishlist member one of the most popular wordpress membership plugins, but magic members has more features. Single license of wishlist member is $197, single license of magic members is $97. I would go with magic members, more features, less price.

  2. You should update wishlist member plugin’s prices. They increased the single license price from$97 to $197 which means RIP OFF. They also removed the 3-site license which was $197. I’m not happy with the performance of wishlist member plugin.

  3. Thank you for comparing our WordPress membership plugin with Wishlist member. We believe that Magic Members is more capable and competitive. When you compare the features and the prices, you will find out!

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