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Woocommerce Membership Review

Woocommerce Membership Review

It is difficult to do a Woocommerce membership review without first talking about the Woocommerce core.
The membership plug-in ties directly into the core plug-in. When deciding if the Woocommerce is right for
you, it is important to first look at the core plug-in and then the membership plug-in to determine overall
compatibility, effectiveness, and cost.

The Real Cost of a Woocommerce Membership Website

when setting up a membership site centered around Woocommerce, there are several expenses to consider.
The core plug-in is free. The Woocommerce memberships plug-in is $149 per year. Depending on your
payment gateway, product add-ons, product imports week, and pricing structure, it could cost between $500
and $800. When comparing your membership website options, it is important to outline the features you
want and are willing to pay for through additional Woocommerce plug-ins. This will provide an accurate cost
for setting up the website you want.

Woocommerce Memberships Plugin

the plug-in itself is $149 per year. The bigger question is what does it offer. This plug-in is designed to create
an entire membership system tied to a Woocommerce store. It allows you to restrict content, drip content,
and sell access to memberships.
The plug-in also allows you to reward members with special discounts for all your products or certain
products. It will automatically show members, within the members area, any additional benefits they receive.
It is important to note this is only accessible if your member clicks on my account page, followed by the view
The plug-in recently added a membership notes capability which allows you to track information about
memberships for a customer, add your own notes, and easily communicate with members by sharing in that
with them via email.

Extending Woocommerce

along with setting up a protected content area for your members, it is critical to keep in mind that you may
also need to purchase additional extensions to integrate payment gateways, auto responders, and member
management resources. There are several popular free extensions such as PayPal express payment gateway,
straight payment gateway, and Yoast SEO. At the same time, to handle issues such as typical e-commerce,
promotions, marketing, and subscription/memberships, it is likely you will purchase additional extensions
ranging from $49-$199 per year.

Who Should Choose the Woocommerce Membership Plugin?

If you are already using Woocommerce for your website, this plug-in might be a simple and straightforward
integration. If you are looking for a membership website plug-in and have no ties to any theme, template, or
plug-in core then this may not be the option for you. The primary issue with Woocommerce outside of the
core framework is that each extension carries an annual fee. There are very few free integrations from third-
party products or services such as payment gateways. As a result, you will likely pay for the membership
extension as well as any payment gateways you plan on supporting. Considering the vast number of premium
membership plug-in solutions available which offer free third-party integration, especially payment Gateway
integration, it is difficult to justify this as the best option.


Single: $145
5-Sites: $199
25 Sites: $249

You can check the details at:
WooCommerce Memberships

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  1. Woocommerce is the well-known e-commerce solution on the net. We use woocommerce on out premium graphic store and it works pretty good. It’s free, but almost all ad-ons are pretty expensive. If you want to create a fully functional e-commerce website, you will have to spend more than $1.000 for ad-ons. You’ll also need to pay yearly renewal fee to receive the updates and support after the first year. So it’s not free 🙂

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