Wordpress Membership Plugins

WordPress Membership Plugins

6 WordPress Membership Site Plugins Worth Considering

There is not “best” membership site plugin which reigns supreme for every type and size of membership site. Instead of looking for a best solution, it is more effective and useful to search for the “right” WordPress plugin for your membership site. While you specific needs will merit looking at additional plugins not contained in this list, the following 7 WordPress membership site plugins have consistently proven to be versatile, flexible, and effective solutions for a broad range of membership site types and sizes.

WordPress Membership Plugin

WishList Member

WishList Member is considered by many to be one of the oldest WordPress membership site plugins still being actively developed. It provides a strong, mature core architecture and includes all of the essential functions the average membership needs. Due to its maturity it currently boasts more than 30 different training videos and extensive documentation. It isn’t the least expense option on the market but it is a proven, comprehensive solution. Go to Wishlist Member Review page.

Magic Members

Magic Members has become as one of the easiest membership site plugins to setup and manage, especially for website owners who are looking to create a membership area within their current website. Additionally, it boasts a massive amount of built-in payment gateways. This is particularly important for international users who require a variety of regional payment processors. It is obvious from the overall design in the admin area that this plugin was not only designed to be feature-rich but also relatively simple to use. Go to Magic Members Review page.


There is no doubt the free version of S2Member is one of the elite free WordPress Membership plugins. Unfortunately, many of the most popular features are only available with S2Member Pro. The primary difference between the two is the number of payment processors available but there are some additional features only available with the Pro version as well. If the free version is adequate then this solution is definitely worth a look. Go to S2Member Review page.


MemberPress is another popular membership plugin. While it is full of essential features it stands out due to its smooth interface, especially for front-end users. Another benefit is the payment systems are setup to be nearly hands-free which makes adding new subscription tiers and products quick and simple. Its ability to quickly prorate charges is a benefit as well. Go to MemberPress Review page.


MemberMouse bills itself as a membership and ecommerce solution. It is best used by membership websites that also sell products (both digital and physical) within the member’s area or to the general public. The back-end is designed to be easy to use. MemberMouse developers have gone so far to say new MemberMouse users can go “from zero to first customer in 2 minutes and 30 seconds”. Go to MemberMouse Review page.

 Paid Memberships Pro

Another popular choice is Paid Memberships Pro. PMPro offers an easy to use free plugin. While it is a solid option, it is equally important to consider that the free version offers zero developer support. The only way to get customer service/support is by joining the PMPro user’s forum which does have a yearly subscription fee. If you must have a free option in the beginning then this is a great place to start but most membership sites will need to transition to a different solution over time.


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