WP-Member Membership Site Plugin Review

WP-Member Review Membership Site Plugin

WP-Member Review

WP-Member isn’t always considered to be in the top tier of WordPress membership plugins – primarily because it simply isn’t as well-known. The big question is whether or not this plug-in provides enough core features, functionality, and inconvenience to make it worthy of consideration as a legitimate replacement for more popular options. As with all membership site management plug-ins they are both benefits and drawbacks that must be considered.

While the final price shouldn’t be a determining factor when selecting the right WordPress membership plugin for your website it is a factor that will be considered at some point. WP-Member features three different pricing options. The first is one domain with lifetime support and one year of updates for $47. The second is $97 and is the same as the $47 version only it is good for unlimited domains. The final option is $147. Not only does it include unlimited domains lifetime support but also lifetime updates and open source code. Anyone who is considering this plug-in should likely focus on the $147 option because it includes lifetime updates which means it will pay for itself, even if it is only used on one website, in about three years.

Setup and Ease of Use
The second thing to consider is how easy it will be to set up WP-Member. The initial installation is fairly straightforward. It comes with nearly all of the default settings ready to use which allows you to get it up and running quickly. This is in stark contrast to most other popular WordPress membership plug-in which require a lot of basic default settings to be set up before anything else is done. Plus, the general settings page is designed to cover all of the global options. This includes email settings, redirect options, payment preferences, and even currency preferences. The overall ease-of-use is very straightforward and simple to use. Even newer WordPress users shouldn’t have much difficulty understanding how to navigate and utilize all of the functions provided by the WP-Member plug-in.

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WP-Member Review

All of the Primary Features Are Included
There are a growing number of features and core functionality that used to provide a significant advantage to plug-ins in the past but are now considered to be standard features. WP-Member includes all of the standard features you would expect from a full-fledged membership site management plug-ins. This includes the ability to set up and rip the content across to an unlimited number of membership levels, easy-to-use short codes, digital download protection, as well as additional flexible content protection.

Overall WP-Member should now be considered a legitimate option when comparing the top tier of WordPress membership site plug-ins. While it still isn’t as detailed or fully featured as some of the more mature plug-ins it still includes all of the necessary features to effectively run a membership site – as well as many more. Taking into consideration the speed in which updates and new features are added as well as the comparatively low price of $147 for unlimited upgrades/updates for life across an unlimited number of domains and this plug-in definitely boasts an excellent overall value.

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2 thoughts on “WP-Member Review Membership Site Plugin”

  1. Purchased the developer version for $147 with the understanding that it came with an Authorize.net gateway (it has instructions in the knowledgebase outlining how to set it up), but now that it’s installed, there’s nothing there about setting up that gateway. I opened a ticket on 6/30, added two replies, one on 7/2 then again on 7/7, with no replies from support at all. I’m not happy with their support at all and will probably ask for my money back.

  2. Sorry to hear that. I hope the issue will be fixed as soon as possible. You may also try to reach them via email.
    If they added the authorize.net integration lately, they probably forget to add the integration steps to the guide.

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