aMember Pro Membership Software Review

aMember Pro Membership Software Review

aMember Pro Membership Software Review

aMember Pro has been in the discussion as one of the best membership software solutions on the market for some time. It is extremely versatile and includes many of the built-in features membership site developers look for. The big question is what features will make it stand out in comparison to popular WordPress membership plugins.

This is Not a Native WordPress Membership Site Plugin

It is important to note that aMember Pro is not a native WordPress plug-in. Instead it is a membership site software that includes integration for the WordPress framework. While there are no commonly reported compatibility issues the fact that it is a completely separate piece of software that was not designed specifically for WordPress does mean the possibility of compatibility issues is worth considering when comparing it to native WordPress plug-in solutions.

Built-In Affiliate Program

one of the most notable features aMember Pro has to offer that goes above and beyond many other membership site management solutions is the built in affiliate program. Not only can it correctly handle recurring billing but it also allows website owners to turn members into affiliates. Currently it is designed so payouts can be made automatically with PayPal, Moneybookers, and by check. It also features flexible commission levels which will allows the best affiliates to get paid more.

Main Features of Amember Pro

There are a number of primary features which makes aMember Pro a solution worth considering. It offers unlimited membership levels, unlimited items, incremental content delivery, automated sign-up and membership expiration, and fully featured member management. It also integrates several different modules which can be utilized including a newsletter module, shopping cart module, and helpdesk module.

Key Member Management Features

Member management can mean a lot of different things based upon the type of membership site being operated. Not only does aMember Pro offer all of the standard member management features but it also includes numerous additional capabilities. This includes coupon codes, flexible sign-up forms, and even a fallback payment processor in the event your primary payment processor temporarily fails or goes offline.

The final benefits of aMember Pro is the numerous different ways you can control access. Not only can you create different control levels for different types of content but you can also drill down content access and implement unique access sharing prevention strategies.

All of This Comes at a Price
While aMember Pro boasts numerous features they definitely come at a higher than normal price. Currently, aMember Pro carries a purchase price of $179.95 for a lifetime license. Additionally, the lifetime license only includes six months of free software updates. Additionally, many of the most popular plug-ins built for this software come at an additional cost of $40. This includes many of the integration plugins – however the WordPress integration plugin is free.

Overall aMember Pro Should Always Be in Consideration
While aMember Pro is deathly not a perfect solution for everyone it boasts enough features and capabilities that everyone should consider it when comparing their best options. The big question most people end up asking themselves is whether or not the additional features provided by the software are significant enough to justify the higher than average purchase price.

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