Digital Access Pass Review

Digital Access Pass Review

Digital Access Pass Review

Digital Access Pass or DAP has become well-known as one of the more powerful WordPress membership plugins / membership software available. It is also one of the most mature plugins on the market. This ensures compatibility and reliability will rarely, if ever, become an issue. At the same time, every membership plugin has its share of pros and cons to consider when comparing it against the other popular premium options.

The Best of Digital Access Pass

DAP has a lot to offer membership site owners. It allows you to sell an unlimited number of products and/or membership levels. It also boasts built-in affiliate management and email management. In terms of features it easily stacks up as one of the best.

One of the best features DAP offers is the Smart Content Dripping. There are a lot of WordPress membership site plugins that offers some version of content dripping or drip feeding but many of them don’t provide maximum control over how the process is setup. Digital Access Pass makes it easy to allow you to drip feed pages, posts, categories, PDF’s, video, zip files, and even images. The best part is this is pair with 2 different layers of content security.

DAP also stands out because it is one of the few membership plugins that will allow you to leverage Amazon SES or SendReach to maximize email deliverability. The best is by using these types of services you don’t need to sign up with a 3rd party email/mailing list provider as everything can be handled from within DAP. If you do want to integrate a 3rd party email provider then AWeber, GetResponse, and MailChimp are all natively supported.

The Worst of Digital Access Pass

There is no doubt that DAP has some flaws but keep in mind – even the worst of DAP tops the best of some other options. In general there are two primary complaints regarding DAP. The first is the overall ease of use. Since this plugin has been around for so long and has added so many features getting everything setup can be an intimidating proposition. Even once you are comfortable with DAP adding new products and membership levels can noticeably longer than with other solutions. This shouldn’t be surprising considering how many features you need to consider when adding new products.

The second common complaint is the user interface. While dramatic improvements have been made to the functionality of DAP, very little has been done to the user interface. As a result, it feels a bit clunky and outdated at times. This could be why many people feel like it takes longer to learn and setup membership sites with it. Plus, the lack of visual improvements also mean very few tracking/analytics are presented to back-end users. While this is a minor issue it so simple to address that most people are surprised that DAP hasn’t incorporated any new analytic/tracking features.

Is It Worth the Price?

Digital Access Pass has 4 different pricing options. The first 3 are time payments which include several modules and either a 1 site or unlimited site license. They range from $167 to $497 and include free updates for 1 year. The other option is $39.99 per month. It not only includes unlimited updates across an unlimited number of websites, it also includes the WCP unlimited site license. The WCP license essentially grants unlimited use and updates of every other plugin developed by including all future releases. In general, the unlimited lifetime updates alone make the $39.99 per month offer ideal for anyone who wants to use DAP on multiple websites. While it may not be a perfect solution DAP is definitely a membership plugin that should be seriously considered when making your final decision.

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