Magic Members Review

Magic Members Review

Magic Members Review

Magic Members Review – Membership Site Basics

When comparing membership site management solutions it is easy to get caught up looking at all of the bells, whistles, and extra features the software can provide. Unfortunately, none of these added bonuses are of any use if the solution doesn't provide the basic abilities every membership site management solution should have. To be useful they must effectively protect content, make member management easy, and process payments correctly. The Magic Members plugin is a popular WordPress solution which not only provides all of the bells and whistles but does an excellent job meeting and exceeding the basic membership site management requirements.

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Magic Members Quick Setup Guide

Magic Members and Content Protection

The first area of concern for membership sites is content protection. If your content is not adequately protected then everyone will be able to access it without paying to become a member. The Magic Members plugin addresses content protection in a variety of ways based upon the type of membership structure utilize. It does a good job of providing basic protection for membership only websites. These are the websites which do not provide any content for free but rather keep everything protected in the member’s area. Where the Magic Members plugin truly stands out is in the more complex membership site designs. For example, it makes it easy to maintain a significantly large free content section while still maintaining complete privacy for the member’s area. It also allows for pay per post access which allows you to sell access to a specific post or group of posts to free members.

Magic Members and Ease of Use

Since this plugin is built specifically for the WordPress platform is easily managed just like any other plugin. This is great news for WordPress users because you will not need to learn how to set up or install any other type of software. The user interface is designed so you can manage every aspect of your membership site from the traditional WordPress dashboard. While the solution is full of features which you can customize, you can also do a standard installation and need to make only a few minor changes in order to get your website up and running.

Magic Members and Payment Processors

Compared to most other popular solutions, Magic Members is ahead of the game. It offers a significantly larger number of natively supported payment processors that are easily set up and integrated with just a few clicks and your payment processor account information. Plus, you have the ability to use a single payment gateway or multiple payment gateways. Looking at the list of included payment processor modules it is safe to assume that if you are using a mainstream payment processor there is no doubt it is already included in the plug-in. The good news is even if you are using a region-centric payment processor there is a good chance that is already supported. Plus, new payment processors are added all the time.

In terms of meeting the membership site necessities, this plug-in definitely answers the call. It effectively protects all of the members only content while being extremely easy to set up and use with a variety of different payment processors.

Single: $97
3-Site: 197
Unlimited : $207

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16 thoughts on “Magic Members Review

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  2. Membership Site says:

    We also wrote a detailed review for Magic Members membership site plugin. The Magic Members has been maintained more than 4 years and has comprehensive useful features. I personally suggest MM as a WordPress membership site plugin.

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  5. Emily blunt says:

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  7. Li_An says:

    Very litlle informations in this review… I was curious to see what were the interest of the plugin and could not even see any difference with other plugins of this type.

    • ProMembership says:

      Thank you for your review. In order to see the difference, you need to check the membership plugins demo accounts. So that you can see all details and differences. There’re lots of WordPress membership plugin on the market and all of them are not the same.

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  9. Jason Murphy says:

    Thank you for the review. Can I use Magic Members with CCbill or Zombaio payment gateways? I have an adult website and want to sell subscription and pay per download videos an photo sets.

  10. Templates Catalog says:

    I don’t usually write a review for products I purchase, but I want to write for Magic Members, since Angela the support staff helped me to create my membership websites and answered all my silly questions in a timely manner. I gave it a try to Wishlist Member and Member Press, but I can honestly say that Magic Members is the best one because of the features and the great support.

  11. Jason says:

    I was looking for WP membership plug-in for my adult website to integrate with CCbill payment gateway. Magic members is the only membership plug-in that integrates with ccbill on the market. I’ve been using more than 6 months and it work like a charm. The integration steps for ccbill is complicated but the support team of magic members helped me to achieve all.

  12. Magic Members says:

    Thank you for reviewing Magic Members wordpress membership plugin. We have been developing Magic Members more than 9 years. We released more than 200 versions and we’re still adding new features and fixing the issues. We do offer free 7-day trial version of Magic Members. You can download it instantly, download, install on your website and test it before purchasing.

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