Wishlist Member Plugin Reviews

Wishlist Member WordPress Membership Plugin Review

Wishlist Member WordPress Membership Plugin Review
Wishlist Member is easily one of the most popular WordPress membership plugins when looking at the sheer number of membership sites using it. It has a lot to offer in terms of customization and usability which makes it an easy choice for many webmasters. While it does have its flaws the positive often outweigh the negatives.

Wishlist Member Review

3 Key Areas Wishlist Member Excels

1. 3rd Party Integration
It has become almost an expectation that the best WordPress membership sites have the capability to integrate with popular 3rd party plugins. No one expects a membership plugin to have every feature required to operate a profitable membership site. This is why 3rd party integration is so important. Key integration capabilities include list generation/management, payment gateways/processors, and the ability to be used with a variety of themes and other popular WordPress plugins without breaking.

2. Strong Core Framework
Another reason Wishlist Member is so popular is because of its core design. Unlike many other popular WordPress membership plugins, Wishlist Member places a high emphasis on being a WordPress plugin first. This ensures it remains compatible with new WordPress versions. It also leverages built-in WordPress features whenever possible. This helps it remain a fairly lightweight solution in comparison to the capabilities it offers. This is ideal for WordPress users compared to membership plugins that are highly reliant on their own architecture which can cause conflicts with WordPress and lead to additional coding tweaks to ensure integration.
3. Does Miss Key Features
It seems like most WordPress membership plugins excel at one or two things but are not ideal for supporting a variety of different types of membership sites. While this doesn’t seem important at first glance, most membership site owners plan on launching additional sites in the future. It is much easier to get comfortable with a single plugin that can used across multiple types of sites. It also saves a lot of setup time.

2 Drawbacks to Consider Before Using Wishlist Member

While Wishlist Member is a great solution there are a few drawbacks that keep it from completely dominating the marketplace.

1. A Major Redesign is Nearly Impossible
In its current form Wishlist Member is easy to use and extremely popular but if a major redesign was ever needed there could be problems. Choosing a fully mature WordPress membership plugin like Wishlist Member has numerous benefits but it also means you shouldn’t expect any major changes in the near future. It would be nearly impossible to provide this without a major overhaul of the core code. A related problem with fully mature plugins is small issues are often overlooked or 3rd party solutions are required to overcome them.

2. Customer Support Has Never Been a Strength
Customer support for Wishlist Member is considered solid but unspectacular. Not only do users need to get through the initial request stage but they are reliant on a designated programmer/support specialist to handle the problem. The specialists are very good but it makes the entire process more time consuming than it often needs to be.
Overall Wishlist Member is a great choice for a variety of different situations. It is a strong, mature plugin that relies on WordPress which ensures compatibility with themes and the core framework. At the same time it is important to consider how impactful the drawbacks will be for your specific needs before making a decision.


Single License: $197
Unlimited License: $297

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18 thoughts on “Wishlist Member WordPress Membership Plugin Review”

  1. If you would like to share an information about Wishlist Member, you’re welcome. Review about Wishlist Member plugin will be useful for the potential clients.

  2. I am very happy to choose this service and the people working for trackuly are giving very good support. As i am a new user and not getting every features in trackurly membership system, the support team given me full guidance and help out to get work with all features.Find about it here: http://trackurly.com

  3. I’m not happy with Wishlist Member. I have more than 120 active subscribers, that’s why I cannot move to another membership plugin. They don’t update the software and it takes months to fix a small bug. Do not buy Wishlist Member

  4. Wishlist member is the most expensive membership plugin on the wp market. If you compare with other major membership plugins such an member press, magic members or paid membership pro, wishlist member is $100 more expensive than the others. $197 for a single website license is a RIP OFF.

  5. $197 for a single license is too expensive. It was $97, what happened and they changed the price of single license to $197. You can buy 3-sites or unlimited license from other wp membership plugin companies with this price.

  6. Wishlist member is causing another plugin of mine to not work correctly . I emailed their support . They told me to have the company of the plugin that is not working fix the issue . Once I turn off wishlist the issue is gone and the other plugin works great . Do not buy wishlist member their support is terrible . Wasted $200 . GRRR

  7. It doesn’t matter what it can do– I highly-recommend staying away from it because of the lack of support. There is no live support (not even chat). The only option you have is their Ticket System which is slow and unhelpful. (Because their first two or three answers tell you to try things that you’ve either already tried, or that don’t work, it’s usually a week or more before you will get an answer that helps–or worse, tells you what you want to do isn’t possible.)
    Their documentation is sparse, poorly-organized and UNSEARCHABLE! Mind you, it HAS a search box, but it doesn’t matter what you type in to it (even “Wishlist”!) it ALWAYS comes up empty. So your only choice is to read every topic and click on the ones you think might help, and then go back to the drawing board when they don’t.
    Lastly, they have not kept up with technology. With all of the API connectivity going on in the web-o-sphere, they don’t integrate well with very many systems, and for those that they do work well with, their documentation is practically non-existent, so you’re on your own to get it set up correctly.
    Save yourself from pulling out your hair and find another solution!

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