Member Press Review

Member Press Review

Beyond the Basics: A Member Press Review

Member Press has had some ups and downs throughout the WordPress community over the past few releases. On one hand, it seems to offer a majority of the features membership site owners want. On the other hand, there are some significant potential drawbacks depending upon what type of membership site is going to be created. As a result, Member Press is considered a good solution for some situations, but far from a comprehensive solution.

Highlights of Member Press

Member Press is a purpose-built membership site plugin designed specifically for WordPress. This provides some inherent benefits over standard membership site software. Primarily this means Member Press works with the built-in WordPress features and architecture which ensure integration will be fairly straightforward.

1. It Covers the Basics

Anyone who wants the typically tiered membership site structure could find Member Press to be a solid solution. It is a rules-driven plugin which means each tier is setup based upon a specific set of rules created by the membership site owner. This plugin also includes all of membership site promotion features which have become fairly standardized. This includes a coupon system, drip feeding content, affiliate program integration (Affiliate Royale), and a variety of useful reporting capabilities.

2. Easy Payment Gateway Integration

One of the big selling points of Member Press is the ability to integrate the most popular online payment gateways with very little effort. At the same time, it doesn’t easily integrate with the more regional payment gateways very easily which could be detrimental for sites seeking an international audience. Currently, the primary payment gateways it supports include PayPal,, and Stripe.

Potential Drawbacks of Member Press

For all of the potential benefits Member Press offers, there are a handful of notable drawbacks which ensures it is not the perfect solution for every situation.

MemberPress Membership Site Plugin

1. Difficult to Get a Refund and No Trial Period

One of the primary reasons many people avoid trying Member Press in the first place is because getting a refund is almost an impossible task. Unlike many other WordPress membership site plugins, Member Press does not offer a short trial period, let along the 30 day trial which has become standard among many of its competitors. There are several stories of people trying Member Press and finding a flaw they cannot overcome, only to be stuck without a refund. While it’s understandable why many plugin developers create very strict rules about what types of situations qualify buyers for a refund, Member Press seems to be more stringent than most.

2. The “Rule System” Can Quickly Get Complicated with Multiple Tiers or Products

Another problem with Member Press is combining multiple types of content restrictions is tedious to the point of exhaustion. This is especially true for membership site owners who are both offering tiered membership levels as well as selling digital products within the member’s area. Accomplishing this is possible but it is more complicated than with many of the other popular WordPress membership site plugins.

3. A Lot More Growth Before Maturity

Compared to some of the other popular WordPress membership site plugins on the market, Member Press isn’t considered to have a mature core of code. There are consistently a large number of tweaks and improvements during every release. While it is great to see the developer continually improving their product, it is also a reason to hesitate. Why try to set up a profitable membership site using a plugin that is constantly requiring significant coding improvements in order to function at a level near its competitors?

Single: $99
Developer: $199

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  1. Hello I want add EBANX payment method in memberpress plugin option page..
    please help me..
    I am tried to do this..

    Thank you in advance

  2. Member Press has the less features when you compare with the major wordpress membership plugins such as wishlist, magic members, Dap, amember. They don’t have enough payment gateway integrations.

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